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The Winter Sailing Seminars are a free to the public, community service lecture series
offered  by the Bonneville School of Sailing and Seamanship, with the hopes of
promoting sailing here in the desert and beyond.

                                                   2008  WINTER SAILING SEMINARS

January 22: Celestial Navigation I. Learn how to navigate with sextant, astrolobe and other historical and emergency celestial instruments.

January 29:  Celestial Navigation II. Transferring celestial sightings and datum to nautical charts, with plotting tools, star charts and almanacs.

February 5:  Build a wooden, 40" Pond Yacht.  Plans and kits available. Go radio controlled if adventurous.  Great family activity.  Do some bonding with your teenager or significant other this winter.  The 1926 R-boat, PIRATE.

February 12: Utah Lake, facts figures and history.  Presented by the supervisory hydrologist of the USGS out of SLC.

February 19: Sailing the Dalmation Coast, Croatia. A personal film of sailing the Adriatic on a 40' Bavaria sloop. Q & A afterwards.

March 4: Heavy Weather Sailing.  An instructional video featuring Whitbread racers and other sailing luminaries.

March 11: Safety on the water.  Emergency procedures. CPR certification.  Q & A  with Utah Lake State Park Rangers.

Seminars are held each Tuesday evening from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM,
at the historic Provo Courthouse, 51 S. University Avenue. Provo, Utah. Room 212.
Door Prize Drawings

                                                    2009  WINTER SAILING SEMINARS

January 22: Fiberglass and Gel Coat maintenance. Brett Bingham, president of the Utah Sailing Association and owner of Icarus Sports USA has been offering professional fiberglass repair to sail boat hulls for past xx years. Brett will introduce us to safe handling and fiberglass repair procedures for anyone who has ever come into the docks with a little too much gusto.

January 29: Sailing on Distant Oceans.On Christmas eve  Dec 23rd around 9am, Steve and Joan Mower and friends sailed from Marsh Harbor to Treasure Cay. Then on to  Great Guana Cay. Continuing on to  Hope Town on Elbow Cay, returning to Marsh Harbor on Dec 29th. Experiencing different temperatures and wind through out the week.   
Logging  45 miles under the keel of their 40 ft Beneteau.
that was chartered from Moorings.
Steve and Joan bring great experience to our group, having certified with OCSC Sailing School.  Please join us for a video presentation of their Bahamas adventure.

February 5: Sail repair and care. Rick Burgin, Rhode Island sail maker and owner of Custom Covers, Innovative Marine Canvas, will bring a fascinating array of information, supplies and knowledge to help us get the best performance possible from our “engines”.

February 12: Weather forecasting. meteorologist xxx, comes to us from the Salt Lake offices of NOAA, with sophisticated toys and research data to help us know the go / no go information that we want. Availability of microburst, and high wind alerts via the latest technology. You’ll be blown away.

February 19: Identifying the birds of Utah Lake: Get to know your neighbors. There are more than 200 species of winged critters that habitate and migrate through our sailing grounds. Merrill Webb knows them all…by sight, sound and behavior. Merrill is THE expert on birds of Utah, having authored the book xxx, as well as being employed as a resident expert by DNR to evaluate species decline and increases.

February 26: Utah Lake, Facts, Figures and History. Back by popular demand. Presented by Robert Baskin, Supervisory Hydrologist for the United States Geological Survey, Utah Water Science Center, SLC. Bathymetric and sonar return data on Utah Lake. Lat. / Lon. publications for the Bird Island area. Very cool maps and unusual cartography. Deep dark secrets of Utah Lake revealed. Don’t miss this one!

March 5: Sailing safe and smart. West Marine Manager and solo sailor of 40 years Kay xxx comes to us from the Tacoma area with her XX years of sailing safe experiences. Park Rangers from the Utah Lake State Park will field questions and share projections for the lake.

Thursdays, 7-8:30pm
Utah Lake State Park Conference Room

Door prizes donated by: West Marine, Sid’s Sports, Honey Bake Ham,
Chef “G”’s, Sportsman's Warehouse

                                                  2010 WINTER SAILING SEMINARS

January 28: Star Recognition for the Celestial Navigator. A great opportunity to meet Bonneville’s well traveled Celestial Navigation instructor. Doug Hendricks has been using sun, stars and sextant to navigate the earth’s oceans for years now. But what do you do when clouds obscure the sky? Come join us at the beautiful new BYU Planetarium, located on level 4, Eyring Science Center (ESC, on map), for a fascinating night of star recognition, cloudy or clear. Please come early for a good seat. We will begin promptly at 7:00 P.M.

Printable map:

February 4: Leatherwork, Knots and Splices for the Mariner. Rick Burgin of Custom Canvas will teach us some of his specialty knots, be they decorative, useful or just interesting. Be prepared to learn how to make spreader end-caps from stitched leather, to protect your valuable sails. Eye splicing for both braided and covered line will be shared. Questions on sail repair? Rick can help with his expertise as a Rhode Island sail maker.

February 11: So, What’s Happening With Utah Lake? You’ve heard all the rumors. Lets get together for a panel discussion with two very involved and knowledgeable advocates of our sailing grounds. Reed Price, Director of the Utah Lake Commission, will share the mechanics of the Utah Lake “Master Plan”, that deals with contemporary issues now facing the lake. And Marc Heileson, Southwest Representative of the Sierra Club, will bring us up to speed on current events and issues confronting development along, in and over the lake. Bring your questions.

February 18: Sailing Distant Oceans: The Cabo San Lucas Race, 2006. Tim Adams from Saratoga Springs, crewed on Magic, a Beneteau 47.7 in the 2006 Cabo International Offshore Ocean Race. Tim is a 4 time veteran of this race and has the slides and stories to prove it. Escape the cold, and join us for a vicarious sail down south. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Old Mexico.

February 25: Heavy Weather Sailing and Rescue Procedures. Have you ever felt a little anxious as the wind starts to build? Are you sure you can handle what’s coming at you? Is your boat ready to take a beating? We are lucky to have an expert in the field, willing, able and qualified to calm some of those fears. Dave Shearer, Harbor Master at the GSLYC, has seen his share of 80 MPH winds out on the Great Salt Lake. Learn from a pro, how to respond to heavy weather sailing in our unique mountain lake environments.

March 4: Lightning! Kevin Barjenbruch from NOAA's National Weather Service, in SaltLake City, will help us understand this life threatening phenomena. A DVD presentation from Marine Lightning Protection will feature today’s innovations for lightning protection for sailors.

March 11: The SORC Ocean Racer, “Bay Bea”, comes to Utah Lake. The first thing people say is “it won’t fit in Utah Lake”. Couldn’t agree more. We have located Bay Bea at the Utah Lake State Park as a restoration project, primarily for “at risk youth” as well as inner city kids. However, we welcome all those who would like to volunteer in the project. Tonight’s presentation offers a video documentary of one of two sister ships to Bay Bea. Aura is now circumnavigating the globe and is taking a Christmas break in Cape Horn. Some of Bay Bea’s impressive ocean going equipment and artifacts will be on display.

Thursdays, 7 - 8:30 PM at the Provo Marina Visitors Center


                                                  2011 WINTER SAILING SEMINARS

January 20: Celestial Navigation. Bonneville’s celestial navigation instructor, Doug Hendricks, has teamed up with the BYU Planetarium staff to present a star show that drew standing-room-only crowds last year. Learn how desert nomads and ocean explorers used heavenly bodies to chart their courses. Come early for a good seat in BYU’s beautiful new planetarium, Eyring Science Center

January 27: Rigging and Sail Care. Kyle Hintze, from Spot on Rigging will explain the importance of proper rig care, adjustment and replacement. Learn about some of the new fiber rigging products available today. As time permits, Kyle will share important sail care and repair tips and maybe a few splicing techniques.

February 3: Sailing on Distant Oceans. Roger Bliss frequently sails as a member of Harbor Yacht Club in San Diego and The Moorings, to Catalina and the BVI’s. Learn from a well-traveled sailor how to charter and enjoy the rewards of a destination vacation.

February 10: Introduction to Racing. Last year Tim Adams shared his racing experience as a veteran Cabo Race participant. Since then, Bonneville has been fortunate to have Tim conduct two Spinnaker Clinics on our Olson 30. Visit our web page for a few testimonials of Tim’s abilities to teach fun and easy racing concepts.

February 17: The Great Salt Lake Yacht Club.The GSLYC Commodore and club officials will tell us why they are the world’s saltiest sailors. A first class sailing organization, run by first class folks, right here in the middle of the desert.

February 24: Boat Surveying. Lynne Reister of Lodestar Marine, is a professional marine surveyor from the west coast, who has graciously agreed to introduce us to the intricacies, pitfalls and rewards of boat purchasing.

March 3: Sailing on Distant Oceans II. If this seminar doesn’t get your dream machine going, you’re not a sailor. Mike Harmer, Skipper of UNSINKABLE II, will present his recent (2 months ago) charter experience in the beautiful (and warm) BVI. Wear your Aloha Shirts and think warm thoughts. Spring is coming!

Seminars from Jan. 27 – March 3 will be held at the Provo Marina, Visitors Center


                                                    2012 WINTER  SAILING  SEMINARS  

January 19:  Offshore Passage Making.    Doug Hendricks 
If you've ever thought about sailing across an ocean then this seminar is for you. You'll find out what "blue water sailing" is like and what skills, equipment, and preparations are needed to make the voyage safely. This seminar is a condensed version of the Offshore Passage Making class that one of Bonneville's instructors, Douglas Hendricks, will be teaching this spring. Then in the summer Doug will take select crew (could it be you?) on his 42' sailboat for an unforgettable week-long ocean passage from Virginia to Bermuda.

January 2     Sailing the Inside Passage to Alaska     Erwin Oertli
Sailing the west coast of Canada, known as the Inside Passage, is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. From August 6-24, 2011, Erwin  completed a voyage from Prince Rupert, British Columbia to Juneau, Alaska and back aboard his Hobie 33. Erwin has also completed several other voyages around Vancouver Island, along the British Columbia coast, and in the Sea of Cortez in the Hobie and in a 38-foot Seafarer cutter-rigged ketch.

February 2:   "Shipwrights Workshop “traditional boatbuilding techniques.”  Dewitt Smith
 Members from the Boatbuilder’s Workshop in Salt Lake City will share their knowledge of: 1 - Joggle Sticks and Fairing Battens, 2 – Making up a watertight plank seam, 3 – Filling a screw hole with a bung, 4 – Making Marine Paint and 5 – Twist-laid ropework. Everyone gets to share this hands-on experience using methods of boatbuilding: design & layout, using a caulking iron & mallot, hiding fastners,

February 9:  Doyle Sails.  Bill Colombo
Doyle Sails, made right here in the good old USA, is one of the premier sail makers known around the world . . . from racing to cruising sails, from one design to the latest innovations.  Bill will be flying out from San Francisco to teach us a thing or two about sails, sail materials, care and repair.  This is the off season for Doyle Sails too, so Bill will be bringing special "Off Season" deals to our inland sailing community.  A great opportunity to upgrade your worn out inventory.

Feb 16     How to Make Your  Sailboat  Fly     Tim Adams
A past lecturer and instructor with Bonneville, Sailors World Instructor and Ocean Racer, Tim is going to explain the fascinating world of aerodynamics, as applied to sailboat airfoils moving in a fluid environment. If you want to understand how your boats works, Tim will introduce you to some fascinating functions of sails, keels and rudders.

Feb 23     The Great Escape. Chartering in the San Juan Islands     Mark Gillis
As an independent charter company, Mark Gillis has contacted Bonneville about offering extremely reasonable charter rates aboard his 42’ Valiant. An experienced gunkholer, Mark has area charts of unknown anchorages and off the beaten path points of interest in the San Juan’s.

Mar 1      Sailing Distant Oceans. Long Beach to Catalina Island
A video presentation of Bonneville’s inaugural Adventure Cruise to Santa Catalina Island, 2011. Special offers for our next Catalina Adventure Cruise for those in attendance at this seminar.

Mar  8      Sailing Distant Oceans II. The SEAquel - return to the BVI’s  Mike Harmer
Last year, Mike presented the best attended seminar of the series. We figure the seaquel will be as good or better. Forget the winter blahs and escape to the sunny Caribbean with us. Special prizes for the best Aloha shirt.

                                    Thursdays, 7 - 8:30 PM at the Provo Marina Visitors Center
                                                   2013 WINTER SAILING SEMINARS

Our winter Sailing Seminars are free and begin on January 24th at the Utah Lake State Park Visitor's Center. (No park entrance fee). 7-8:30 PM

January 24:   Offshore Passage Making.   Doug Hendricks.  What's it like to sail across an ocean? If you've ever wondered what it's like to leave the coastline behind and sail off into the sunset then this is the seminar for you. We'll be showing videos and photos from the trip that Bonneville Sailing School's Offshore Passage Making class took last summer from Virginia to the Bahamas. We'll also talk about the plans for this summer's trip back to the Bahamas which, by the way, still has space available if you're interested in joining us. To see a video that gives a flavor of what we'll be covering click on this link.

January 31:   Star Class Olympic Boats: Restoration and Repair.    DeWitt SmithSince it's inception in 1910, Stars have been the boat of choice for all the major names in racing history. Learning to sail in a Star was just understood, if you wanted to be competitive. DeWitt has lots of information to share with us, as well as an invitation to participate in the restoration and repair of these legendary boats.

February 7: Ocean Racer of the Year.    Bob Steel.   Don’t miss this one. Bob will bring a wealth of history and experience as a seasoned ocean racer (TransPack, Cabo, etc, etc) and blue water delivery captain (Fiji, Hawaii, etc), cruiser and racer.

February 14:   VALENTINES DAY. There will not be a Winter Sailing Seminar on Valentines Day.

February 21: Sailing Distant Oceans, Dana Point to Catalina Island.   Clay & Kim Chivers sail their recently purchased Catalina 27 from Dana Point to Catalina Island. Our plans had been pretty set for some time; Kim (my wife) and I had planned on loading our sea kayaks on top of the old Suburban and heading south to ride out the holiday rush with the help of a slow Mexican sun. Oh how plans can change! I have always believed that the best time to buy a boat at these Latitudes was late fall and so I always like to watch the great deals come and go with never any intention of buying one. This year turned out to be different, hugely different, when I started to watch a Catalina 27 on e-bay. Uff Da was a donation boat, someone was just unable to keep up with all that sailboats require to keep them in good shape and so donated her to Cars For Causes to be sold on e-bay. I showed the listing to Kim, who was, understandably skeptical at first but finally threw in her full support. We are too old to ever know even half of the things a boat can teach us, but this holiday season Uff Da taught us a lot. From a cozy little slip in Dana Point, CA, to a 34 hour Christmas Eve trip to Catalina, a New Year’s Eve where the biggest celebration was the mast finally on the deck with no broken bones, to sitting in the snow at our place in Lehi (you can almost hear the barnacles on her keel scream in the cold). Uff Da has already provided us with a crazy adventure.

February 28:   Sailing Distant Oceans, The British Virgin Island’s.     Jackie Berendzen & Josh Cole Josh and Jackie went through Bonneville's "Learn to Sail" program in 2012, and decided to jump right in to a bareboat charter adventure with Moorings in the BVI's, in the fall of this year. This is the kind of adventure we all dream of doing someday. Join Josh and Jackie to learn how they "just did it". Congratulations to them on grabbing the gold ring.

March 7:  First Aid for Boaters. Dave Isom.  A veteran American Red Cross instructor, Dave will take a few minutes to introduce a new Bonneville First Aid Class for Boaters, dedicated to life saving procedures specific to our boating activities. He will unveil a few of the brand new CPR procedures just approved by the Red Cross and demistify how to clear the airway of a drowning victim . . . and more. Dates and times for this "must have" First Aid Class will be announced that night. Certification will be available.

Bonneville's Inuagural Racing Program. Steve Monson.  
In trying to keep our seminars lean and mean (down to 7) we have split this seminar, to try to share more information, while keeping your driving to a minimum. Steve will introduce us to an affordable, fun and top drawer program to our "need for speed" crowd. You will have access to two race prepared Olson 30's, a tetrahedron race course and more fun than is legal in Utah.   

March 14:   Columbia 32, custom built Catamara.     Roger Bliss.       Roger will introduce us to his brand new, not even off the show room floor yet, #4 (currently in production) Columbia cat and all the "state of the art" designs, materials and workmanship that go into making this impressive sailing machine.

Seminars held at Utah Lake State Park Visitor's Center conference room.


                                                         2014 WINTER SAILING SEMINARS

January 23:  Reed Price, Director of the Utah Lake Commission will take us on a vicarious helicopter journey around Utah Lake, for a bird’s eye view of the impressive retreat of the invasive Phragmittie plant, and the emergence of Utah Lakes hidden beaches. Also, a report on the improving conditions of Utah Lake.

January 30:  Marten Frey retraces his “incredible journey” with his family, aboard their newly acquired 56’ catamaran, “Amara”. From the shores of France, across the Atlantic, to warm Caribbean waters, through the Canal, to the Galapagos, to the Southern Oceans and finally to Australia. But the journey is far from over….

(On a side note, if there’s time, ask Martin what it was like to summit Everest. But that’s another story).

February 6: Keith Magnusenn, Ullman Sails representative, Newport Loft. You know Ullman as one of the top innovators in sail technology today. Join us to learn what kind of sails can make your boat sail faster, smoother, safer. Keith will also be presenting some video images of the 2013 Newport / Ensenada Race, in which he participated.

February 13: Bill Watson, a world class champion, has a penchant for sailing Stars. That’s lucky for us, because we’ve got 6 of them. Now a resident of Park City, Bill returns to Maine in the summer, and shows them how it’s done. Prior to sailing Stars he sailed a Comet, Flying Dutchman, J 24, J 30 and Jet 14.  He was the Jet 14 Junior National Champion in 1963 and second place in the Nationals in 1962 and 1964.  In 1988 and 2013 Bill won the Atlantic Coast or District 1 championship in the Star Class.

February 20: Franz Amussen holds a USCG Merchant Marine Officer License, Master of Steam, Motor or Auxiliary Sail Vessels not to exceed 50 tons. Has cruised for sixteen years, the waters off: Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Spain France Italy, Greece, Turkey, as well as the Pacific Northwest. He has also raced the Chicago to Mackinaw Island 3 times, Newport to Ensenada, 4 times. Don’t miss Franz’s presentation of “14 years sailing the Med”.

February 27:  Jim Cross from “Cross Underwater Recovery” has some fascinating information about his worldwide contracts to recover cannons and gold swag from the waters off the Florida coast, to reactor containment for the Japanese government.

March 6: Kevin Jones of Jones Marine will help us understand a technicians approach to outboard engine care and repair. Starter cord replacement, carburetor rebuild, water pump replacements and more. Boating safety is also knowing how to fix stuff when it breaks out on the water.


These “open to the Public” sailing lectures are held Thursday nights, 7 – 8:30 PM at the Utah Lake State Park Visitors Center, Center Street, Provo. Call 801-636-5204.

                                                   2015 WINTER SAILING SEMINARS      

January 29:  Sailing Distant Oceans. A report from our 2014 Utah Flotilla to the BVI's. We filled 5 boats, (1 cat and 4 monohulls) from our own Utah sailing community, and experienced some of the best blue water sailing in the world. Two of our skippers, Mike Harmer (lead Captain) and Dave Braeden will share their accounts of "Sailing the Drake".

February 5:  The Yacht Clubs of Utah. An interesting look at organized sailing in our desert state. So far, the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club, the Park City Yacht Club and Get Wet Sailing have responded to our invitation to share their programs with us. From racing to women's programs, to juniors and just good old socials, Utah sailing is alive and well. Discover what they have to offer.

February 12:  Inside Oracle Team USA. Oracle's own CIO (Chief Information Officer), Mark Sunday, will share his up-close and personal insights on race preparations and strategies from Oracles historical and unprecedented come from behind victory, retaining the 2013 Americas Cup trophy.  

February 19:  Schooner Adventuress. The 100 year anniversary of this historic teaching vessel was recently celebrated in 2013. Emery George, crew member and volunteer docent aboard Adventuress, has served and sailed aboard this iconic page out of American sailing history. Learn how you too can sail the Pacific as a family or as an able bodied crew member aboard the Port Townsend based Adventuress.

February 26:  
Water Music Concert. A first for the seminar series. A live performance from "The Cellar Door", makes up the trio of accomplished musicians, Larry and Jeannie Vincent and brother Stephen Vincent. Acoustic music themed just for all you sailors.

March 5:  State of the Lake Message. Reed Price, Director of the Utah Lake Commission will bring us up to speed on recent lake issues such as the much publicized algae bloom scare, carp removal, phragmite battle, low water levels and even news of "the bridge". Yes, that perennial and persistent topic returns.

March 12:  Sailing Distant Oceans. Our remaining BVI Flotilla Skippers will share their adventures and images as they sailed the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Each boat seemed to have it's own unique experiences. Follow Jay and Steven and Chris as they catch tuna for dinner, relax in the bubbling pool and discover a very "unusual" tree on Sandy Cay.


These “open to the public” sailing lectures are held Thursday nights,
7 – 8:30 PM at the Utah Lake State Park Visitors Center

West Marine, Rudder Craft, Energy Solutions, Latitude 38, NauticEd,
Sweet Tooth Fairy, Distant Shores, Conch Charters

                                                           2016  WINTER SAILING SEMINARS

January 21:   Sailing Distant Oceans
Dale and Chris share their experiences of sailing aboard Amara, a Lagoon 560
catamaran, from St. Maarten to Panama.

January 28:   Outboard Engine Repair
Taking an in-depth look at the most common reasons an outboard engine stops running.

February 4:   State of the Lake Report
Who knows more about Utah Lake than Bill Loy (under contract to remove carp from Utah Lake) and Eric Ellis, new head of the Utah Lake Commission. Eric will share up-to-date information on what's happening with the marina dredging project.

February 11:  Sailing Distant Oceans - The British Virgin Islands
Kelly went through Bonneville's Learn to Sail and Catalina Adventure Cruise programs, with the hopes of someday taking his family for the dream vacation of a lifetime, sailing in the British Virgin Islands. Listen to Kelly's story of how he did it all.

February 18: 
Building the Bella 10
DeWitt  introduces us to the Sam Devlin designed stitch and glue "introductory" boat, chosen by New Horizons Maritime Center as the perfect fit for our

Wasatch Front youth boat.

February 25:  GoPro Cameras
These versatile, water proof cameras have left their mark on the world of extreme sports. North American Divers of Orem, brings their GoPro representative to this seminar to teach us some tricks and explain the ins and outs of using a camera designed to get wet.

March 3:  TBA

These “open to the public” sailing lectures are held Thursday nights,
7 – 8:30 PM at the Utah Lake State Park Visitors Center,

                                                            2017  WINTER SAILING SEMINARS

 January 19:   Obtaining your ICC License,  Chris Julian
Have you heard about the International Certificate of Competency (ICC) that is now being required by more and more charter companies? Are you wondering if this is something that you might want or need to get.

Learn the requirements for getting "the world's only true sailing license for recreational boaters" and open the doors to sailing in some of the most amazing places on earth!

January 26:  Two Weeks Before The Mast  -  Adventures in Ocean Sailing,    Jay Adams
In 2016, I participated in the Offshore Passage Making class offered through Bonneville School of Sailing.  The classroom work about how to put together a safe and successful passage through the ocean culminated in a two week adventure with Doug Hendricks on his sailboat Life.  We sailed 1,000 miles from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Grand Abaco Island in the Bahamas. 

You are invited to hear about an adventure of a lifetime and how the Bonneville School of Sailing makes it possible for us land-locked Utahn's to have such amazing experiences.  

February 2:  24 hour Enduro Sailing Around Utah Lake,   Mitch Mahana & RogerCrosland  / Swap Meet
Sailing for 24 Hours on Utah Lake…How Far Can YOU Go? During the Summer Solstice of 2016 Mitch Mahana and Roger Crosland set out to sail for 24 hours on Utah Lake.  They sailed from North to South, East to West, multiple times.  They explored Bird Island and validated GPS data for the hazardous East Finger of the island.   They have claimed the 24 hour sailing record on Utah Lake at 76.5 Nautical Miles and have commissioned a perpetual trophy for the event. 

Come learn about how to safely prepare for a 24 hour sail with Navionics Charting, Slab Reefing, and Main Sail Preventers.  Make your own plans to take the trophy in 2017.

Swap Meet too. Bring all your sailing stuff that you would like to trade, sell or give away. Books, magazines, outboard engines, winches, deck hardware, old GPS, sails, stoves, furlers, spinach.

February 9:  State of the Lake
Utah Lake Commission,   Eric Ellis 

Due to the Algae Bloom of 2016, Utah Lake has seen an abnormal amount of media exposure and interest over the last six months. Tonight we'll talk about what is being done to mitigate the size and frequency of such blooms, ways we can capitalize on the spotlight that is on this great resource and how we can get the most out of a temporarily bad situation. We will also discuss projects and efforts underway that will make positive impacts on and around the lake.

Central Utah Water Conservancy District,  Chris Elison
The elevation of Utah Lake is a function of many different and varying factors. However, by far the largest and most influential on lake elevation is mother nature. On hot, summer days Utah Lake will evaporate approximately 1,000 cubic feet per second. As a matter of fact, enough water evaporates off of Utah Lake annually to fill Deer Creek Reservoir 2 times. Our presentation will cover the a brief history of water rights in Utah Lake, how transbasin water from the Central Utah Project and Provo River effects Utah Lake, and other items of interest.

February 16:  Skype from Mexico,   Clay & Kim Chivers
If you want to be transported to tropical Mexico, this seminar should do the trick. Clay and Kim Chivers leave the Utah desert before the snow flies, to spend their winters on board Willow, a 38' double-ender, slipped in Barra Navidad. Bring your questions for Clay and Kim for our live Skype seminar.

February 23:   New Horizons Maritime Center, Goings On,   DeWitt Smith
Bonneville's non-profit arm has been busy building Bella 10's in Glendale Middle school, as well as conducting historical presentations on what life aboard the Mayflower was like, down here in Provo. Our boat builder, DeWitt Smith, will be bringing in lots of support materials used in these classes. If you are a teacher, have curious kids, or are just curious yourself about boat building, Pilgrims, Vikings, Pirates and STEAM teaching, I think you will enjoy this one.

March 2:   Catalina Yearbook
We could fill the room with past crew members who have made the crossing to Catalina Island, since we began this magical mystery tour in 2011. Seven crossings so far. Somewhere around 75 crew have sailed with us to the Island of Romance. There's a good chance we've got you on film... wind in your hair, hands on the wheel, waves breaking over the bow and serious games of "Go Fish" going on belowdecks. Welcome all "Catalina Alumni". Of course you are welcome to attend this seminar, even if you are not numbered among the few, the brave, the salty dawgs.  Incredible (embellished no doubt) sailing stories will abound.

Don't forget, this seminar is our GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY. A beautiful ash and mahogany tiller handle,       ( $150 value ), from our friends at Rudder Craft Inc will be given away. Are you feelin' lucky?

These FREE “open to the public” sailing lectures are held Thursday evenings,
7 – 8:30 PM at the Utah Lake State Park Visitors Center,

                                                           2018 WINTER SAILING SEMINARS

January 23: Chris Julian. How do you decide to pull the kids out of school, rent your home, walk away from your business and sail off on the biggest adventure of your life? Chris will share his knowledge on how to plan, prepare and then go sail off until you bump into Brisbane, Australia.

January 30: Chad Chorniack. Chad is the 2017 winner of the Crosland Trophy. The biggest, baddest sailboat competition on Utah Lake. This grueling 24 hour, plus total miles sailed, competition, is quite an accomplishment. But Chad decided to do this one solo.

February 6: DeWitt has some great information on marine electronic systems…even how to maintain and trouble shoot your boat trailer. Anybody out there ever plug your trailer into your tow vehicle, only to find out the darn thing doesn’t work.

February 13: Grant Headifen, Global Director of NauticEd, will present exciting information on the “new standard” for world wide certification for charter boat requirements. New laws are now in the works for standardizing “skipper” competency for chartering in Tahiti, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Ireland, South America…you get the picture. Grant can help you get your written theory requirements aced.

February 20: Mike Harmer. Mike discusses the subtleties of buying a boat. Whether it’s your first time or your ??, knowledge is power and it’s always nice to have knowledge on your side when investing in a boat. Mike went all the way to Wisconsin to purchase “Unsinkable II”. Maybe he’ll bring slides of the Great Lakes and his test sail.

February 27: Eric Ellis. Wow…it’s been an interesting year for Utah Lake. Trying to keep up with all the new projects, regulations, media coverage, environmental committees, water rights issues, multi-billion dollar proposals and dredging progress… our sailing grounds are really coming of age. Find out what the Director of the Utah Lake Commission has to say about the “state of the lake”.

March 6: Martin Eastwood, electrical engineer, will teach us some basic, good stuff about how electricity works and the tools we need to properly troubleshoot our sometimes quirky marine systems.

The State Park is closed for dredging so the seminars will be held at 116 West Center Street, Provo, Utah

Sponsors: Rudder Craft, Latitude 38 Sailing Magazine, Distant Shores Sailing DVD’s,
5 Star BBQ Restaurant, Sweet Tooth Fairy, DeWitt Smith


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