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                                       WHAT IS THE SLC™ 

          SLC stands for  Sailing License and Credentials. The SLC is a recreational
          sailing license. Port authorities and yacht charter companies will accept you
          as a properly licensed, knowledgeable, competent. and experienced sailor. 

          Why? Because to get one you have to be properly licensed, passed sufficient
          knowledge tests, demonstrate your competence, and have logged the
          appropriate amount of experience.

If you are seeking an international sailing license, see this article.
How to gain your SLC Mediterranean Sailing License


  • Sign into your NauticEd account (it’s free and easy to create if you don’t already have one– As a bonus, you will get two free sailing courses
  • Click here. This will bring you to a page listing the requirements to gain the SLC. Items on the list automatically go green as you complete each item. Once all items are completed, the SLC is automatically and instantly issued to you for download.  It is presented in multiple languages for convenience for presentation to the port authorities and yacht charter companies.
                                                     HOW BONNEVILLE SCHOOL OF SAILING CAN HELP YOU GET YOUR SLC

Bonneville School of Sailing is a NauticEd affiliated practical training school. 
After you have completed all of the NauticEd requirements, we can administer the assessment for the SLC.

Bareboat Charter Master (BBCM) and SLC Rubrics are used for the assessment.

Please note that part of the assessment is required to be done on a large monohull or catamaran. This part of the training takes place on one of our trips out of Long Beach, CA.

Pricing for Training and Assessment

  • SLC one day assessment. $359 per candidate.

  • Training plus SLC assessment. These two days will be held back to back. $659 per candidate.

Please call 801-636-5204 to SCHEDULE

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