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                               DeWitt sharing lots of information on Sailboat Rigging, Line & Sails

Bonneville's Boat Restoration Class comes to a close tonight.  In reviewing the many things that we have learned we have realized that Boat Restoration is not just for old boats but is really an ongoing process for all of us who own a boat. We have received lots of information, good ideas and tips. 
In one of the classes DeWitt actually brought in some old 1940's schematics for marine wiring for some popular watercraft of the era and contrasted it with what is available today with our new marine grade electronic wiring and components. We also spoke in general terms about marine engines, their development and their typical weaknesses in a marine environment.  Of particular interest to me was a troubleshooting guide that DeWitt passed out that would be valuable for anyone that has an engine on their boat. 
Our next class on Sailboat Rigging, Lines & Sails provided lots of useful information on how sails work on our boats. DeWitt did a great job of explaining how we can obtain optimum performance by understanding the principles of fluid dynamics (how boats move through air & water).  It was also fun to discuss the evolution of sail materials and rigging engineering to maximize a boat's potential to point to windward as well as sailing downwind.

Many of the ingenious ideas used in the early development of sailboat racing are fast disappearing due to todays materials and manufacturing processes.  To see the creativity of the human thought process without the benefit of high tech stuff has been a real eye opener. 
Thanks DeWitt for giving us a peek into the early history of sailing and also for the wealth of information you bring to our Wasatch sailors.

Todd & Louise Frye
Bonenville School of Sailing

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