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Only 12 weeks left! Final 2012 Clinic Dates Announced

Unusual weather has been the norm out on Utah Lake this year. Not bad - just unusual. But as a whole, 2012 has been our best sailing season ever . . . and continues to be so. With just twelve weeks left in the season, don't be left standing on the dock while we're out getting in as much sailing as possible before the ice comes. The sunsets have been some of the most colorful and dramatic we've ever seen. Winds have pushed the boats to hull speed and buried the rail on numerous occasions.

Beautiful evening on Utah Lake

August 24th & August 25th, 2012
Friday 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Lunch provided
If you've been enjoying the 2012 Olympic Games, take advantage of this unique competitive opportunity to crew aboard a proven ocean racing Olson 30. Two one design O30's, specifically designed for blue water racing, are available August 24th & 25th, for some mano-e-mano, trash talking, pedal to the metal racing, around the Diamond of Doom.
Tim Adams will instruct crews on sail trim, boat balance, tactics, right of way rules and lots more. A great way to increase your boat handling skills, whether you're a racer, a cruiser, or a weekend recreator.
The lake is going down and is now at 78% (see Central Utah Conservancy District's water level) so this will be the last time we'll be launching the Olson 30's for this season. Experience the thrill of victory / the agony of de feet.  
Registration deadline is August 15th.    For more information on this clinic click here.

September 15, 2012
9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Lunch provided
Do you want to make your sailing experience even more fun?  This clinic promises to give you sailing techniques and tips for a safer, smoother and more enjoyable sail.
Like most of us, we launch the boat in the spring, and as long as the mast stays up, we basically forget about standing rigging, proper tuning and care throughout the season and then we take it down at seasons end. Year after year this cycle repeats itself, with the promise of  "next year I'll take a closer look and maybe figure out how to really tune my rig".
Why not join us this year, September 15th, for a fact filled, hands on clinic that will explain how to get your mast in column, proper turnbuckle lubricants, adjusting for weather helm, lee helm, neutral helm, how to use a Loos Guage, tuning while under way, and much more.
Windy day tips will be included on how to balance the power of your sails to make sailing more fun and comfortable on those big wind days.
This course will be conducted by Tim Adams, past Sailor's World instructor and successful ocean racer. It will be held aboard our Catalina 27.  Depending on conditions, we will also be flying the spinnaker for all you cruisers out there. Learn how to launch, trim, jibe, and pack this impressive downwind sail.
Click here for more information on Bonneville's Rigging & Trimming Clinic.  Class size is limited.  Registration deadline is August 24th.

Olympic sailing is underway.  You might be interested in this site provided by Sail Magazine.

. . . has been enjoying sightseeing, snorkeling and kicking back in the Bahamas. Wish you were there???  Be thinking about next year.  Check out this years trip details here.


For those of you unfamiliar with Bonneville's donated ocean racing yacht, the PJ 50 "Bay Bea", you maybe saying...who cares?  Scaramouche is one of only two other PJ 50's in the world. Bay Bea and Aura being the other two sister ships. You can see Bay Bea, currently "on the hard" at Utah Lake State Park, awaiting restoration. Anyhow, todays technology has given us the ability to relive the single handed race if you go to "Yellow Brick" and replay the race from its start in the Bay. As you will see, Scaramouche had a great start and led the pack out under the Golden Gate Bridge. An interesting medical emergency came late in the race, as the skipper of "Bela Bartok" had to be medivaced off his boat, 450 miles from the finish line. Due to the haste of the evacuation, the boat was left empty and on its own, but managed to sail under windvane and shortened sails . . . on course and taking aim for the finish at Hanalei Bay, Kauai. Extraordinary sportsmanship was exhibited by early finishers, who returned to their boats after 2,120 miles of grueling ocean racing, to bring the skipperless Vindo 40 "Bela Bartok" safely into port. Scaramouche finished an admirable 3rd place. Congratulations to all who participated in this challenging race. You can find a complete write-up on the race, in this months issue of Lectronic Latitude, pages 94-100.

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