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"We've Arrived", Boatbuilding/Restoration, SHTP


E-mail from Doug Hendricks, skipper of LIFE, from Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island.

"Hopefully you've already seen the SPOT telling you that we arrived in the Bahamas earlier this morning. The plan for today and tomorrow is to take care of various chores that need doing... laundry, minor boat maintenance items, etc. Then we'll probably head off in search of some beautiful remote anchorages where we can snorkel, dive, or just relax in solitude.

I'll let which ever crew member you claim as your loved one tell you the details of our seven-day passage to get here. Personally I think it was a quiet and uneventful passage, but some of the crew might not completely agree. (Ask your loved one about the microburst that hit us where the winds went from 10 knots to 48 knots in about sixty seconds. That was fun.)

The passage certainly could have been more exciting if we had taken our original route and then been caught out at sea when Tropical Storm Debbie came through. However, thanks to the careful planning of our three newly certified offshore passagemakers, we avoided that. I think you'd all be proud of how well your particular loved one did. They were a great crew.... and they were great captains too, seeing as how they all took turns being "captain for the day".

There is one thing where I'd appreciate a little help from all of you readers. We had a contest to see who caught the "best" fish. I'll enclose photos I took of a fish that Trevor caught during the passage and one that Martin caught. We're not sure who to give the prize to for "best fish caught". Which one do you vote for? You can see from the photo of Ron enjoying Trevor's fish for dinner that he definitely liked Trevor's fish.

And then of course there are the dolphins. As has happened on so many of my journeys, we had dolphins dancing at the bow on a couple of occasions during our trip. I've enclosed a photo of one of them. That's always a magical thing to see.

Oh and finally, there's the obligatory sunset photo with the boat in the foreground. No photo collection would be complete without that."

Best regards,

Links for Abaco Island:
Abaco Beach Resort
youtube - Abaco Islands - The REAL Bahamas

You can see the rest of Doug's photos, including pictures for the "Best Fish" contest on our website or on our Facebook page.   Keep following Doug's adventures on our website as well.

The 2012 Singlehanded Transpac started Saturday June 30th, in what should be one of the most exciting and easy to follow editions of the race to date. Twenty four skippers will be racing solo from San Francisco to Kauai. In the fleet this year are everything from an Open 50 ("Truth" ex-Pegasus) to a Mini Transat and everything in between.  
Current online information from Lectronic Latitude 38

Bonneville is particularly interested in this years SHTP, as a sister ship to our Bay Bea, Scaramouche, piloted by Peter Heiberg out of Vancouver, B.C., is doing a great job holding on to the number 1 position (Big and Comfy) and number 2 spot (in Overall Monohull). Not bad for a boat built in 1970 to old IOR rules. The lead boat, an Open 50, has left the pack well behind (in the Sled division). In 11 knots of wind, this thing is bookin' along at 13 knots.  And one more connection to Bonneville is last years Transpac winner, Idefix, an Olson 30. Let's see what the "Giant Killer" does this year. Wyewacket is hoping for a big upset here. Go O30!  Follow this years race on Yellow Brick Race Viewer tracking technology. Check out these You Tube videos to get some history of the renowned SHTP race:

"Solo Sailors"  
Sailing Anarchy
"Start of Singlehanded Transpac, San Fransisco to Kuai." You Tube
"2010 Singlehanded Transpac-The Trades." You Tube. Awful punk music. Great visuals.

Thanks for participating in last weeks racing survey. The winner for an opportunity to go out on one of our Olson 30's is: CRAIG THOMPSON.

We've had numerous requests from people interested in building their own boat. In response to your requests we have been working with DeWitt Smith to provide facilities and instruction for anyone interested in building or restoring a boat.   We would appreciate it if you would take a few moments to fill out this SURVEY to help us better meet your needs.  Thank you.

Freedom is a wonderful thing but it comes with a price.  Thanks to all of our Service Men and Women past and present for your great sacrifice and service.

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