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Sunken Boat Retrieved, OPM class enroute to the Bahamas!


A world wide sailing celebration, known as Summer Sailstice, took place on Utah Lake last Friday and Saturday.  After our 6 pm skippers meeting, we selected GPS coordinates for Pelican Bay on the west side of Utah Lake, talked about safety procedures (MOB, VHF radio contacts & shortening sail in the event of high winds) and then it was "down to the sea in ships . . ."
There were concerns about the impact the "Dump Fire" in Saratoga Springs would have on this event.  We decided that if conditions were too bad, we would turn around, or anchor out in a safe spot. Strong winds out of the south west hit us right on the beam, producing average boat speeds of 6 knots and above.  One of the group reported 8 knots on their GPS, as max speed over ground. A Sikorsky Sky Crane helicoptor fighting the fire, made several trips overhead as we approached Saratoga on fire.  Although the smoke was quite thick, the strong south west winds blew everything to the north and we couldn't even smell the smoke, and saw no soot at all.
Coming in to the Pelican Bay Marina, we had our choice of slips as there were no other boats in the harbor.  Large fireballs could easily be seen through the smoke and haze as the heat would ignite Juniper trees.  After securing the boats and a leisurely dinner aboard, we took a walk out on the jetties to observe the fire in the fading light as evening came upon us.  I had to get up in the middle of the night as the winds increased, to quiet down the halyards slapping the mast, but otherwise, had a very comfortable, quiet night in the harbor.
Saturday morning dawned clear, with very little smoke from the fire to be seen.  Winds were still strong but not as potent as the day before.  We averaged 4 -5  knots on our return trip back to the Provo Marina and continued to observe the Sikorsky helicopter going back and forth from the Provo airport to the fire.  It was heart warming knowing that other sailors around the world were also out enjoying this great sport of sailing, the same time that we were. 
It was a memorable trip.  Please join us for Summer Sailstice 2013.
You can see more photos on our Facebook Page.

More information and dates will be coming soon on our Racing Programs.  If you haven't had a chance to take our short survey please take a few moments, and let us know how to better serve your sailing dreams.

Bonneville's Offshore Passage Making crew are now enroute to the Bahamas.   Follow their progress to landfall HERE while they keep a watchfull eye on tropical storm

Cross Marine Salvage, operating out of Lindon Harbor, retrieved a power boat that had sunk in the Provo Bay area.
Jim Cross has divers and equipment that travel all over the world recovering sunken boats, aircraft, etc. 

According to the Cross crew, the boat was being towed, probably too fast, in steep waves when water coming over the bow, filled the boat taking it to the bottom of the lake. If you are not sure how to tow your boat, check out this information from our recommended text book, "The Complete Sailor" by David Seidman.

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