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Cottage Meeting #5, Chasing Stars, the Julian family at sea.

Cottage Meeting #5

The Julian Family sailing the Briney Deep
Part II
They will share their 10,000 nautical mile adventure
on the 46' Leopard catamaran, "Chasing Stars",
with us via Zoom.
7 PM, Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Where in the world are the Julians now?

Wondering about sailing in the magical South Pacific? Join us for Part II of the adventures of "Chasing Stars" as the Julian's share with us some of their most unique and challenging sailing situations. Learn what it's like to transit the Panama Canal, navigate through poorly charted waters in Fiji, dive with whales in Tonga, and peer into the heart of an active volcano in Vanuatu. Hope you can make it!

You are invited to this Zoom meeting.
When: Wednesday, Mar 3, 2021, 7:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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"Sailing with the Julian Family", Part II:

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Unusually low tides in Venice leave gondolas high and dry.

February 27 is about as low as you can go.

Before we had cell phones, we used these "tide predicting machines" to figure out,
with any accuracy, what kind of tides would be occurring at any specific date, place and time.

Low tides are a big consideration for any vessel with a deep draft...
like a sail boat (which has a keel).
Hard to believe, Roy Disney's SuperMaxi Pyewacket,
is now a relic of the past.
It's canting keel drafts an unbelievable 18 feet.

The gondola is a perfect boat design for Venice.


Now you know

The marvels of Venice

360? gondola ride through Venice.

Carnival in Venice.

Gondola Regatta

Take a 3 hour canal tour through Venice

007 sloop

If all the calls we are getting for sailing lessons are any kind of indicator for our upcoming sailing looks like we're going to be sailing a lot.

Just sayin'...
if you want to get certified this year, you should probably reserve your spot soon.

Don't forget about our Celestial Navigation class coming this spring.
You will not find a better price or better instructor anywhere / anytime.

Countdown to Spring.

Venice's great Baroque Composer
Antonio Vivaldi

Bonneville School of Sailing

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