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Boat Building Workshop & Valentine's Special!

Though you might use the term "under the weather", it has a completely different meaning in nautical terms. What does it mean on a ship?
1.  A type of rigging known as a "weather" has fallen on top of a crew member
2.  Ill; sick; not feeling well
3.  Serving a watch that is exposed to wind and spray
4.  There are thunderclouds directly overhead

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Our third seminar in the series is this evening (Thursday, February 2nd),
Shipwrights Workshop by Dewitt Smith. “Boatbuilding Techniques from 100 years ago.”  
 Members from the Boatbuilder’s Workshop in Salt Lake City will share their knowledge of:
1 - Joggle Sticks and Fairing Battens
2 – Making up a watertight plank seam
3 – Filling a screw hole with a bung
4 – Making Marine Paint
5 – Twist-laid ropework
Come and share this hands-on experience using methods of boatbuilding: design & layout, using a caulking iron & mallot, hiding fastners, finishing your boat in traditional fashion, and making up rigging in manila line. 
DeWitt has been building boats of all types since he was a teenager. If you have even the slightest curiosity of how boats are designed, constructed or repaired, this will be a great seminar to attend.

Next week (February 9) we will have Bill Colombo - sails rep from Doyle Sailmakers in San Fransico,  join us to talk about sails.
If you are flying old, bagged out sails, your seams are coming apart, or your performance is suffering, this is a great opportunity to talk to an expert. Bring your questions about replacement, care and repair, and get the latest on sail technology from these "Made in the USA" sail lofts. 
Bill Colombo will give you free estimates for top of the line sails at competative prices.

The seminars will be held at the Utah Lake State Park Visitor's Center.
Thursdays  7:00 - 8:30 PM
No registration required.
Seminar Information and Schedule

Celestial Navigation
February 24, March 2, 9, 16
  $50.00 Registration due by February 10th.

Offshore Passage Making
April 6, 13, 20
$200.00 deposit required to hold your space.
Please call 801.636.5204 to register.

Trivia answer:  3. Serving a watch that is exposed to wind and spray
If someone is "under the weather", they are on watch duty. This particular duty, however, is in a certain position on a ship; when it is windy, ocean spray blows onto the deck. This watch position is right where the poor watcher will be hit by all the wind and spray; thus, he is "under the weather". This often made that person sick, which is why we use the term "under the weather" to mean ill.

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