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Last minute Sailstice thoughts

Some last minute thoughts on the 2020 Sailstice.

Register for some of those great prizes offered by Sailstice sponsors.

Bonneville will be giving away samples of Harken Derm skin armor for sailors.

The bugs showed up in force for my sail on Monday. A hatch cycle has begun. Bring your companionway screens. You'll be miserable if you don't.

If a mosquito does find it's way inside, and starts buzzing in you ear around 2 AM, a portable hand vac puts an end to that annoyance pronto.

It's been fun to "convoy" across the lake in past years. Let's try for a loose departure time of 6PM. Those of us who still have a 9-5 job should be able to get home, throw some food in the cooler and head down to the boat for a 6 (ish) PM float time.

Evidently, Catalina boats have a Solstice Catalina Fleet you can enter. Not sure how it's done, but Otter Spotter (from Lindon) is featured as a participant in Bonneville's "Sailing in a Desert" event.

And don't forget to monitor your Windy Lookout App for possible strong winds.

If you don't have time to get food ready from home, consider ordering delivery pizza from Saratoga Springs Tennys. They deliver to the marina. Just make a call when you're 30 minutes out from Pelican Bay. Unsinkable 2 Skipper Mike came up with this great idea years ago, and it's been a tradition ever since.

Monitor VHF 16 for the crossing.
If you need to discuss the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything,
switch to 22, or some other off the main line channel.

If your anchor light doesn't work, hoist a Luci Light to the top of your mast, if you are anchored out. Bring spare dock lines and fenders.

If you want/need crew for your crossing, give us a call. There are folks out there who would like to participate, who don't have a boat.

Evening winds have been strong. Are you able to shorten sail? Make sure you are "ship shape" for your crossing. Secure all your "stuff". Bring a spare gas can...just in case. Don't forget your "needed medications". Teddy Bear. Silk PJ's. Special blanket. Tooth brush. Everything your Mom had you take to summer camp.

Let's do some photo sharing (however you do that sort of thing these days).

Some Niel Young tunes.

Fly your flags. Show your LED strand lights. Fly a kite for the crossing.

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