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Dipping the Ensign. Summer Sailstice

Flag Etiquette

The fist recorded "Dipping of the Ensign".
Denmark and the Netherlands were the first countries to salute the Grand Union flag, when gun salutes by U.S. ships were returned by officials in the West Indies in late 1776: on Danish St. Croix in October, and on Dutch St. Eustatius in November. (Though later, the better documented St. Eustatius incident involving the USS Andrew Doria is traditionally regarded as the "first salute".) France was the first country to salute the Stars and Stripes, when a fleet off the French mainland returned a gun salute by Captain John Paul Jones commanding USS Ranger on February 14, 1778

U.S. Ensign

Dipping the Ensign

Flag Etiquette at Sea

Bonneville would like to "Dip our Ensign" in salute,
to all those brave men and women who have defended our freedoms
since the founding of our nation.

Celebrate our nations rich maritime history by participating in a
"World Wide Sailing Celebration".
June 19-20, 2020.

Sail to Pelican Bay Marina, Utah Lake.
N 40  17'   25.8"   W 111  52'   07.1"

If it gets crowded in the Pelican Bay Marina, make sure you can anchor out.
Come prepared.
Let's make sure every vessel is monitoring VHF 16.
With the way winds have been lately, it would be good to get the wind alert app
Windy Lookout.

To register for Summer Sailstice prizes:
go to "Sailing in a Desert", to view the possibilities.

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