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2-for-1 Spring Special. The Weight. Anchoring Part II.


"Discover Sailing" Special

2 - for -1, Spring Sailing Special.

Windy Lookout
Strong Winds Alert
for the Utah Lake area.

You would have received an alert for this beast,
if you would have had the Windy Lookout App.
When you're out on the water,
you could have high wind advisories,
before you even start thinking about shortening sails.
This App is specific to those sailing on Utah Lake!

Anchoring Part II

How to choose an anchor

All chain rode vs. chain & 3-braid nylon rode.

Drogues & Sea Anchors

How about a rode to anchor attachment?

Retrieving "stuck" anchors


Anchor lights and anchor balls

Using Anchor Balls, (day mark)
The displayed black anchor ball, indicates to all fellow boaters,
that this boat has a hook in the water.

Anchor Marking Buoys

How to find your charter boat, (at anchor), when returning from a late evening dinner,
in a pith black Caribbean mooring field

Anchor Drag Alarms

The award winning Maretron N2Kview Anchoring Module

It ain't rocket science, but feels pretty close to me.

Anchoring write-up in April 2020 Sail Magazine (hard copy)
"The Weight"
by Nigel Calder, pages 60-62
Ya gotta carry that weight!

National worship of Tools Day, March 11.
(Pretty much every day is National Tools Day in my books.)

Patty vs. Paddy
Happy St. Paddy's Day
(full screen is awesome)

1979 Fastnet Race

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth
when it is quite clearly Ocean. - Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Bonneville School of Sailing


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