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First Time Boat Purchase. Sailing in Space. Lesson reservations.

Winter Sailing Seminars  Presented by Lindon Marina
Every Thursday, 7 - 8:30 PM

February 27, How to Purchase Your First Boat, Melanie Evans.
March 5, Chartering in the Canadian Gulf Islands, Todd Frye

I've always wanted to try that

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Basic Learn To Sail
U.S. Sailing Certification
Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) assessment
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This is how we got around the Cosmos back in the 1930's.

In 1980, interstellar travel had evolved into to Power Water Craft (PWC),
space wings and still...the good old trusty spark spewing rocket ship.

But today, we can actually "sail in space", using sunlight.
New "out of this world" technology now being powered by photons.

Who knew?

And while we're talking about far out vessel propulsion...
how about ammonia conversions for diesel engines.

NY40 Marilee

Before launching your boat this year...

you must successfully complete Quagga Mussel certification,
by taking an STD on-line test.

Ep.03 "Why Recreate on Utah Lake"
A Podcast aired by the Utah Lake Commission
Featuring Bonneville School of Sailing.
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What about required vessel fire extinguishers?

Utah Lake Festival Regatta will soon be upon us.
(First Saturday in June...start getting psyched!)
We really need help with Committee Boat Judges, and
Boat Show Supervisors.
Let us know if you would like to help.

Bonneville School of Sailing


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