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Still Sailing! Gulf Islands. Catalina Island Trip.

Just back from the Canadian Gulf Islands.

A magical environment of pine scents and low cloud blankets,
give our early morning departure, September 19, from Montague Bay Marina,
a very real reluctance to leave.

Our 50' Bavaria Enchanted kept us warm and cozy.

More Gulf Islands beauty.

The restaurant and pub bus left Montague Marina every half hour to travel the 2.5 miles inland to get to the Hummingbird Restaurant. The bus driver is, well...not your typical bus driver.
This was definitely one of the most surprising and fun experiences that we had.

Tommy is very uplifting to be around. He is in fact, a motivational speaker who has written a book on his philosophies about how to treat others. I told him I'd put his book on our web page and it's up to you to now "pay it forward".

And speaking of literary prowess, we spent more than a few nights sharing our most beloved books and short stories just before retiring for the night.
Rex entertains us with readings from "They Shoot Canoes, Don't They"?
I believe our last reading was from humor columnist Dave Barry,
due to the need for some recovery time.

Moon Jellies in Tod Inlet,
so thick they looked like soup.

With Jay at the helm, and the exciting Dodd Narrows behind us, we are on our way back to home base in Nanaimo. September 25, 2019.

Jay, Rachel, Kari, Rex and Orie.
Gulf Island crew extraordinaire.

I wouldn't mind doing this one all over again!
Anyone interested?

The always enjoyable cruise to Catalina Island coming up fast!
November 6, 7, 8, 2019
Do you want to learn the systems of a big cat for future cruises you dream of taking?
If you are working on your SLC this is a great opportunity to learn some of the required skills.
(Free samples of Harken Derm sunscreen for all crew members)
New big cat now available.

Harken Derm is now available through Bonneville's new on-line store.
Our sailing season may be winding down,
but you may be heading out to San Diego, Mexico, Costa Rica,
or skiing our own Utah mountains.
We have tested this skin care product throughout the 2019 season on Utah Lake,
and have found it to be a superior sun block.
Anything with the name "Harken" on it, has to be good.
A great Christmas present or birthday gift.

A superior skin care product.

Who knew??

Still a month of good sailing and sailing lessons left on Utah Lake.
Call us to reserve your spot.

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