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Strange things are happening. Summer Sailstice 2019

Have you noticed how clear Utah Lake is getting?

I'm down at the lake just about every day, and I've never seen carp swimming below the surface, until this year.
I can see below the surface about 12"-14" now.
Too bad we never hear media reports about lake water quality when things are actually getting better.

"Best conditions ever",
heard over and over again for the
2019 Utah Lake Festival Regatta.

Early morning preparations start on shore...
boat registrations, skippers meeting, buoys set out, committee boat in place.

Ron MacDonalds Sea See, always a welcomed "class act" at the regatta.
This year we had 16 boats on the water, and two no shows.

Back on shore, the grandkids have that look in their eyes, like they have just found the hide-a-key for the Utah Lake Commission's Marsh Master.

Work on the Committee Boat is never done.
Chad gets the grapes ready for consumption.
Thanks go out to Irwin Oertli and Chad Chorniak for pulling Committee Boat duties this year.

Back on-shore, Bonneville does its best to educate young and old festival patrons,
as to how we "sail in a desert".
Maxwell the Super Stamper, efficiently validates festival goers passports at Bonneville's booth.

Steady strong breezes helped us check out everybody's bottom paint.
No knock downs, but reports of overboard spinnaker poles, winch handles, hats, etc.
were shared at the after race BBQ.

Hard-core salty dawgs stay out on the lake practicing spinnaker sets, while the rest of us come in for a lunch break, mingle with festival patrons and get out of the wind and sun for awhile.
The California Sushi rolls from Fatty Tuna were delicious.

Afternoon races kept hanging in there with 18 - 20 knots of steady wind.
Mitch and KeAli'i put the pedal down on Streaker for all four races.

Fun switcheroo from the Committee Boat...
last race will be a starboard rounding of the course.
Best start of the day.

One of my favorite shots of the regatta.
Into Thin Air crossing the finish line.
Check out these sites for more regatta images.
Please contribute your images for all to enjoy.

Thanks go out to Debbie Burton who catered our regatta dinner.
BBQ ribs, chicken and pulled pork.
Potato salad, coleslaw, raw carrots, spicy baked beans, brownies, cornbread and honey.
Designer cup cakes, triple lemon, pina colada, mint chocolate.
Choice of canned and bottled drinks.
Thanks to the Chris and Jen Julian family, just back from sailing half-way around the world to OZ,
for serving all that food to our regatta crew.

Mel Evans lucky raffle ticket gets her an anchor bracket for her new O'Day.

Master Willardson brings home a cool anemometer for Mom and Dad.

And now the moment we have all been waiting for...
Medals go out to a bunch of Salty Dawgs.
The Julian Team join the Harmer Team, aboard Unsinkable Two,
to form a winning combination.

This must be the Willardson's lucky day.
Takin' home the bling.

Our hard core racers, staying out on the water through the lunch break,
Mitch and KeAli'i, bring home the gold.

A big thank you to the Utah Lake Commission who sponsored the 2019 regatta.
We appreciate the use of all the facilities provided at the Utah Lake State Park, and their staff,
and the planning committee that works so hard to organize the many facets of the festival.
To all you regatta participants who have come great distances to participate.
Thank you Neptune for the great wind and water conditions for the entire regatta.

Our biggest and best regatta ever!

Summer Sailstice 2019

A World Wide celebration of sailing.
Be part of it.
Sign up here:

Leave after work, Friday, June 21, around 6PM,
and head for Pelican Bay Marina and spend the night.
Next day just go out and sail to your hearts content on the Summer Solstice.
Pelican Bay break water
N 40˚ 17' 25.8"    W 111˚ 52' 07.1"

As you approach Pelican Bay (it will likely be dark when you arrive), consider draping your boats with 12v string LED lights, for a grand entry to the marina. Take photos and videos.
Only 14 days away!

Make sure you have bug netting for companion way and hatch openings.
Charge up cell phones, ships batteries, head lamps, etc.
Fenders and dock lines.
Anchors and ground tackle just in case you need to anchor out.
VHF if you've got it. Chanel 22.
Food for dinner and breakfast.
Unsinkable Two orders delivery pizza from Tenneys.
Some folks bring treats to share.

on the longest day of the year.

If you're considering breaking the latest Crosland Trophy record,
for the most miles sailed continuously in a 24 hour period,
the Summer Solstice would be the best day to give it a go.
Chad Chorniak is the current record holder at 94.6 nautical miles.

Utah Lake water levels have now passed the negative 1 foot level.
We're now at -.84, and rising.
I'm guessing we're going to fill the lake to "compromise" this year.

Bonneville Sailing

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