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Sailing to Australia. Utah Lake Restoration Project Seminar.

Sailing to Oz

Really? year has already passed since Chasing Stars left Ft. Lauderdale for Australia.
Chasing Stars is still in Oz, but her crew has returned to Utah.
Learn how to sail with your family (of 5 girls) across vast open stretches of ocean, blend in to very different cultures, repair your floating home while at sea and in port, brave ocean squalls and storms and develop trust in abilities to succeed.

Getting Chasing Stars ready for her  9 month voyage.
Cardboard boxes contain soccer balls and books for South Pacific Island kids,
Eagle Scout project, sponsored by New Horizons Maritime Center.

Our fearless crew encounters a family of large sting rays coming right into the shallows of Honeymoon Harbor.
  Pretty amazing.

Large waves pass under and around us for most of the day.
One came right over the back of the boat and soaked everything.

Successful fishermen Orie and Chris, sample fresh Black Fin Tuna.
19? 41' .559 N   074? 51" .502 W

We hustle to get the helm enclosed before the squall hits.

 Re-fueling and re-supply here in the new harbor of Great Inagua.

Still some re-building and clean up to do from hurricane Irma.

Good advise anywhere you go in the world.
Outside a bar / restaurant, Great Inagua, Bahamas.

22 March, 2018
Saw the Southern Cross for the first time,
during my 9-12 PM watch, one day out of Colon, Panama.
09? 38.114' N  80? 11.184 W

Chasing Stars Sailing Seminar
coming to Lindon Marina
Thursday, February 28, 7 PM

Last weeks seminar, "Utah Lake Restoration Project".
If you haven't heard about islands in the lake,
this project may be hard to cogitate.

Water level on Utah lake on the rise.
now above the -4.0 level
-3.80 and snowing.

When should you replace your water pump impeller?

Fastest elapsed time, by a monohull, to compete in the Transpac Race to Honolulu,
5 days, 1 hour, 55 minutes, 26 seconds.
Who was it?

Fastest elapsed time, by a multihull, to compete in the Transpac Race to Honolulu,
5 days, 9 hour, 18 minutes, 26 seconds.
Who was it?

Fastest elapsed time, by a  FOILING multihull, to compete in the Transpac Race to Honolulu,
4 Days, 6 Hours, 33 Minutes, 30 Seconds
Who was it?

Transpac 2017

We're going to Catalina again!!
March 25 - 27, 2019
The whole boat has been reserved for a family sail.
How cool is that?
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Any country that uses a schooner on their currency
has to be pretty awesome, eh?

If you're planning on going to Hawaii,
don't forget to forget the suntan lotion.

Early-Bird Summer Sailstice Contest.

Bonneville School of Sailing

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