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Lindon seminar, Rusty Buster, Caribbean Cruiise, Catalina Cruise.

Thank you one and all

Nice gifts from the sailing community for Louise and Todd.
A very special night where the whole gang made for a memorable evening of fun, food (fondue, cookies and chocolate cake), and of course the odd sailors story...or two. These are some of the nicest, most helpful, big hearted, intelligent, warm and sincere people, you would ever want to be around. I wish everyone could have friends like all of you.
From left to right: McVitties Digestive Biscuits. It's a long story.
Tulip Bulbs. When these start to bloom, our boats are in the water.
Marine Telescope. Replica eye glass from the HMS Endeavor.
Beautiful Floral Bouquet. A visual treat on a gray winters day.

Thank you everyone who braved the cold night to share an evening together.
You are all considered dear friends.

A salty leather bound log  book
that has within it's pages
many kind words.

Bonneville Sailing Seminars are no longer offered at the Provo Marina.
Lindon Marina is now presenting free, open to the public,
sailing seminars at their General Store.
All are welcome.
Thursdays, 7-8:30 PM

Who was Cicely Fox Smith?

What better way to show your Valentine you love her/him,
than to give them an experience they will never forget...
(along with a box of chocolates, or rigging knife).
Call for a 2 hour Discover Sail
or a 2 hour Sunset Sail
Gift Certificate

A tour of the Jeanneau 51

Use the Jeanneau 51 to do stop overs in places like this.

Butterfly farm on St. Martin
La Ferme Des Papillons

Join us for our Caribbean Cruise in Saint Martin waters.
2 staterooms available

Recent True Story
2 weeks ago

Long time Provo resident who owns a horse farm, just before you get to Utah Lake State Park,
decides to drive down to the marina (as she has done all her life) to take a quick photo of the ice on the lake. We've all done the same thing. Drive down to the lake just to get away from the city. Enjoy nature, see the beautiful expanse of water against mountains. Leave the cares of the city behind. When to her surprise, she is approached by a park ranger, (why wasn't he/she at the entry gate?) and writes her up a whopping $130 citation for not paying the $10 entry fee.  (Nobody at the ticket booth and it was a Sunday...nobody around that she could see).

Seems like there could be at least 3 scenarios and possible outcomes here:

1). Stop the intruder and educate her. "You need to pay $10 to get into the park. Hope you will return to the park". Outcome... a good chance she will return. Grateful for the warning.
2). Stop the intruder and educate her. "You need to pay $10 to get into the park. You'll need to pay $10 if you want to continue into the park." the ranger, or turn around and leave.
3). Stop the intruder and issue a citation for $130. Outcome...what do you think she will do? What would you do?

Things are not what they used to be down at the Provo Marina.

Good comments/ideas when buying a used boat.

Sign up for our Rusty Buster to climb back in the saddle a little faster.

Let's see...I haven't done this for 6 months...

March 27-30, 2019

Always an enjoyable adventure sail,
March Catalina Cruise
Long Beach to Catalina Island.
Get some blue water sailing hours in your log book.

Bonneville School of Sailing

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