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San Diego Sail 2019. Celestial Navigation coming.

Bonneville's first sail out of San Diego is a big thumbs up!

Our awesome crew, disembarking Sabbatical, a Hunter 456, to leave for home.
With the early morning sun in our faces, we will now be going our separate ways.
Always a sad moment.
But new adventures await.

Day 1

Got into Mariner's Basin, Mission Bay, just as the sun was going down.
You can drop anchor for no fee here.
(Is this really California?)
In the morning we practiced picking up a mooring ball.

Day 2

Morning light on our anchor set.
We didn't like our #1 anchor set.
As we swung at anchor, proximity to other boats made us nervous.
Anchor set #2 was good for the night.

After an on board breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage, yogurt and fresh fruit,
we pulled up anchor, and practiced picking up a mooring ball in Mariner's Basin.

Sabbatical crossed paths twice with America.
She tacked over to our location to observe whales, just off our starboard side.
We also enjoyed dolphin gliding under and in front of our boat.

Afternoon winds produced some impressive boat performance.

Sailing into San Diego Approach.
Point Loma and it's lighthouse have long been a landmark for returning mariners.

This situation poses a great opportunity to ask...
who is "stand-on" and who is "give-way"?
We went outside the marker buoys to let this behemoth have the middle of the channel.

Great shower facilities and plenty of hot water make for a relaxing, apres sail experience.

Then it's off to Jimmy's for some great food.

Day 3

Tied up at the fuel dock, Glorietta Bay, to go exploring the world renowned
Hotel Del Coronado.

Just discovered my Navionics App is synced to my Google Earth program, on my lap top.
The yellow "bread crumb" trail is our morning trip to Glorietta Bay.
How cool is that?

On our way back out to do some sailing on the bay, we saw this replica square rigger heading down wind. Interesting how jet skis always feel obliged to dive bomb sail boats. This guy came dangerously close to the bow of the San Salvador.

Icing on the cake.
Our intrepid crew was invited to view San Diego, at night, out on the water,
from the comfort of Mike and Lou Ann Forshee's ocean going trawler.
Mike uses his nav instruments to bring his vessel into the dock.
Maybe 12" on each side to spare.
Sailor the cat checks out all these new strangers on his boat.

We're still getting messages asking about Winter Sailing Seminars.

Sorry gang...
Utah Lake State Park manager has informed us of a new policy.
We can't use the conference room (after hours when no one else would use it), unless we pay them. Ah, the almighty dollar.
Give them a call or e-mail if you are disappointed with this last minute policy announcement.

send your letter to:
Laurie Backus
North Region Manager
Utah State Parks

While writing my email to Utah State Parks I felt that I could not send it with out expressing my appreciation to Bonneville Sailing for all of those wonderful seminars.  I would like to express my appreciation for the free winter sailing seminars that have been going on for many years.  I was looking forward to this years seminars at Utah Lake State Park and I am sad to hear that due to new policies the seminars that educated, inspired and were enjoyed so much will no longer be happening. Alan

Thanks for sending your letter Alan.

The Lindon Marina has told me they are taking over the sailing seminars.

Thinking of upgrading your old PFD?

Lots of information on PFD's

More info from the state on their requirements for PFDs.

Learn the Ancient Art of Celestial Navigation

Don't forget to get your CN on.
Classes coming April 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2019.

If a "flemished" dock line tells you something about the boat owner...

What does this incredible example of knot craft tell you about this boat owner?
Thanks Roger (who is actually on this boat)

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