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Seminar letters encouraged. Glen-L sloop needs a freind

Stay tuned for upcoming seminar information.

Lindon Marina General Store,
has opened its doors to provide a place for our sailing community,
as well as the general public, for 2019 Winter Sailing Seminars.
Good on ya...

Lindon Marina has graciously agreed to host 2019 Winter Sailing Seminars.
Chad, Roger and Ron have stepped up to save something, that (they think, and from the phone calls I have received, many of you have strongly voiced), is worth saving.

Although these will not be "Bonneville" seminars anymore, anytime our Wasatch Front sailors get together, ideas are shared, information is exchanged and wisdom is increased. All these virtues make for a safer, more enjoyable, more confident experience out on the water.

Please do all you can to support Ron, Chad and Roger in this new undertaking.

Lindon's concluding remarks at the bottom of their webpage (as seen above)
are not empty niceties.
There is a great feeling of community at this marina.
May the Force be with you!

As found on page 38-39
January 2019 Latitude 38 magazine
"I snapped a picture of a pile of balloons (which we have all encountered on Utah Lake), recovered from our waters on Sunday, November 30, in the fog". Jeff / Alameda, CA.
Jeff, It's especially sad and somewhat ironic that such a festive, fun and celebratory thing has become a scourge. In past letters, other sailors have talked about balloon fishing tournaments, which bring in a shockingly large "bounty". Should balloons be banned? That seems extreme (and something that the Grinch would do). Rules aren't the answer to everything. Do we all agree that this kind of inadvertent pollution is a problem?? Whats the solution? Email us at

Just thought this was an unusual situation where those who actually recreate on the water are asked to get involved with the problem solving process.

Speaking of letter writing...
(thank you Terry & Susan)
Dear Laurie-
"It has recently come to or attention, that the current Park Ranger at the Utah Lake State Park in Provo will not allow our sailing group to hold our winter seminars without charging an  "arm and a leg" for its use. These sailing seminars have benefited our local sailing community every winter for the last several years.  The room was always appreciated and was an excellent place to hold them as most of us of in attendance paid for slips there. All these topics benefit the boating community and the safe use of the lake.  The Sea Scouts came to these seminars as part of their regular instructions". Terry & Susan

Your voice does make a difference.
You have a timely opportunity right now, to add your voice, along with Terry & Susan's, to let the state know how the seminars offered safety, education, equipment and maintenance information, etc., which has hopefully contributed to your recreational confidence and enjoyment.

send your letter to:
Laurie Backus
North Region Manager
Utah State Parks

Celestial Navigation
On-line or live class room instruction.
the best value for a first class offering
of an age old maritime art that will always be relevant.
Even in a techno saturated age.

Great You Tube intro for using a sextant.

Bonneville's CN Instructor
Doug Hendricks
is a USCG 100 ton Master who has 30+ years of experience, sailing across Atlantic, Pacific, Med, the Old Carrib...
using sextant only navigation.
His mantra:
"We don't need no stinkin' GPS"
should tell you something about his dedication and confidence in the art of celestial navigation.

If you are tortured with guilt, everytime you switch the channel away from having the opportunity to save the life of a homeless kitten...

Consider joining the effort to save this impressive Glen-L 25 from...

Glen-L 25 under sail, right side up.

If you have the financial ability, craftsmanship skills, large garage, empty out-building, room to share space, know any one that would like to be involved...we would like to talk to you.

We can save this boat with your help,
but it's gonna take a village.

Boy Scouts in Pleasant Grove assisted a skilled Geneva Steel employee years ago,
to build this plywood and teak swing keel sloop. The builder actually cast the bronze steering wheel, port lights, keel, cleats, etc., with his boys. Built it stick by stick, from Glen-L plans. that are still being published. This boat was built on Utah land, has sailed on Utah Lake and has a great local history...made in Utah, sailed in Utah.

Helm station as seen when crawling under upside down hull.

Helm station right side up.
Thanks to Photoshop.

Upside down galley area.
Note custom, hand cast brass port lights. Lots of additional evidence of a very high level of craftsmanship put into this boat.

Right side up correction of salloon area. Remember the chain is hanging down, not up. The white round object next to the table is the bilge pump hanging down. Yup, that's a wood burning stove to starboard. Many similar unexpected "salty" features. The 4' long bronze bow sprit is pretty awesome too. That's in another storage location.

Let's do a caption contest on this one.
Winner gets to go on first Glen-L sea-trial.

As long as you keep all your crew weight on the starboard side, you should stay nice and dry.

Help give this unique Glen-L 25 a new lease on life.
Ready to teach the youth of our area, maritime craftsmanship skills
and learn how to sail her upon restoration, on home waters.
This will be a New Horizon Maritime project.
a 501 C3 subsidiary of Bonneville.
Donations gratefully accepted.
Volunteers needed.
We want you!

NHMC Mission Statement:
New Horizons Maritime Center provides maritime educational opportunities for at-risk-youth, as well as the general public. Using a unique curriculum of practical and hands on applications, new skills are fostered opening doors to self-confidence and new levels of achievement.

Bonneville School of Sailing

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