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Winter Sailing Seminar Announcement

Fahoo Fores  Dahoo Dores 
It's been a good run.
Regretfully, Bonneville is no longer able to continue presenting its
free Winter Sailing Seminars, due to new unforeseen policies.

Here are the new conditions for using the ULSP conference room from park manager Holt:

"The options that I can throw out to try and accommodate your seminars would be to cut the price in half to $100, or to have each vehicle pay the entrance fee to come into the park.  If you decide that either of those options work, we would be happy to have you use the conference room.  If the first option of paying $100 to use the room then you would just need to tell me the dates you need, and make payment.  If the option of having the attendees pay to come into the park works for you, please know that the fees will be strictly enforced, and citations issued if proof of payment is not displayed.  Also, if the second option would work better, the seminars would have to be on a weekday night, and not on any weekends".
Joshua Holt

We feel that charging money for these seminars is not in harmony
with our vision of "giving back" to our sailing community.

This unfortunate change of policy, at this late date,
leaves us little choice but to discontinue our winter sailing seminars.
The conference room at the Provo Marina has always been the perfect place to host
Utah Lake related presentations.

Utah State Parks Mission Statement
"The Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation is committed to enhancing the quality of life of all Utah residents by preserving and providing natural, cultural and recreational resources for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations".

If you feel you have benefited from these seminars,
please send a letter of appreciation to:

Laurie Backus
North Region Manager
Utah State Parks

for the nine years we were able to use this great facility at Utah Lake State Park.

I hope you have enjoyed these seminars as much as we have.
Thanks for the memories.
Fair winds and following seas, to one and all in 2019.


A history of Bonneville’s seminars.

Small ice flow nestled against winter phragmites.
Lindon Marina

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