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Sailing can get kinda "SPOOKY" sometimes.

There's somethin' strange... in the neighborhood...

"Aides to Navigation" disappear from entrance to Provo Marina.
Discovered in unexplainable straight lines inside the breakwater.
Mariners should use caution on moonless nights.
This could be a SPOOKY situation for a mariner in peril.

Gives new meaning to ships lantern.

El Caleuche.

Some old superstitions.

Haunted Lighthouses.

Sailors Superstitions.

A black cat is supposed to be the mother of all good luck that transpires aboard.
Cats eat rodents which damage ropes and the grain stored aboard.
So you can see how the cat allowed for better mooring ropes and food security.

The Bermuda Triangle.

Haunted Norway.

Mysterious Islands.

Renaming your boat could bring bad luck.

On The Clipper Ship Tryphena
C. Fox Smith

On the clipper ship Tryphena
Swingin' nor'ard from the Line,
With the Trade Wind blowin' steady
And her flyin' kites ashine,
Five and sixty days from Anjer
With her freight of Foochow teas,
There a sailor man lay dying,
And the words he spoke were these:

'Many a year I've sailed this packet,
And I've got to like her well,
And I've not much hope of heaven
And I've not much use for hell:
But if the good Lord lets me,
By the great hook-block I swear,
When the old Tryphena needs me,
Dead as living, I'll be there.'

There'll be one more at the halyards,
There'll be one more on the yard,
Fisting down them thundering courses
When they been frosted good and hard,
One more on the forebrace
When they're waist deep soaked in foam,
One more hand to sweat the tops'ls up
And sheet t'ga'n's'ls home.

So, just off the Western Islands,
Is when he smelt the land... he died,
So's they laid aback the main y'rd
And they dropped him overside,
Then they squared away for England,
Each hand hauling with a will,
But, for all they thought they'd left him there,
He sailed aboard her still.

And the chaps as was his shipmates
Went the way as all chaps go,
And the folks as was her owners
Sold the old ship long ago,
But whoever owned or sold her,
And whoever went or came,
The Tryphena's extra hand
Still sailed aboard her just the same.

And he never signed no Articles,
He never drawed no pay,
He never scoffed no vittles,
But by night as well as day,
Though you'd never know his coming,
Nor you'd never see him go,
He'd be always somewheres handy
When it's comin' on to blow.

And he'd stand by wheel and lookout,
And you'd kind o' feel him near,
Kind o' see him and not see him,
Kind o' hear him and not hear,
And the funny thing about it
Was you somehow couldn't swear
(Though you knew it sure as shooting)
When the Extra Hand was there.

And in port, when all the chaps had gone
Ashore to take their ease,
And left the ship as lonely
And as quiet as you please,
Not a blessed soul aboard her
But the galley cat and you,
Then you'd hear a sort o' something -
More than once I've heard it too.

Like a feller up aloft there,
Puttering round amongst the gear,
Seizing there another ratline,
Putting on a mousing here,
And rum-tumming old tunes over
Such as shell backs used to know
In the good old China tea trade,
Many, many's a year ago.

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