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Spinnaker Clinic offered, Charter Prep Clinic & Night Sail Clinic

End of Season Specials
Join us for Bonneville's new Spinnaker Clinic.

What a great way to top off your sailing season!
All aboard a beautiful Catalina 270.
This Saturday, September 29.

Come join us for a Spinnaker how-to clinic on the water!

Tired of sitting still in light wind? Does your crew wish you were flying one of those “brightly colored parachute sails”? Interested in learning new sailing skills and improving your downwind performance? Learn how to use a spinnaker sail on a reach, safely and comfortably.

We’ll learn about asymmetrical and symmetrical spinnakers and the equipment needed to fly them. Participants will get hands on experience learning how to pack, rig, launch, trim, and douse the spinnaker. We’ll fly the asymmetrical spinnaker, the preferred sail for reaching across light winds. And time permitting, we’ll also fly the symmetrical spinnaker downwind.

Prerequisites. This class is for intermediate sailors or beginners with basic sailing skills. (Novice sailors should complete a Learn to Sail course prior to taking this clinic.)

Course format. This 3 hour clinic will take place during the best available weather conditions on Saturday September 29. We need winds in the 0-10 mph range for optimal learning.

Students should hold 8am-5pm available on Saturday, and we’ll determine the specific 3 hour block based on the wind forecast the day before the class and notify students. (Preferred sailing time is 8-11am, however if the forecast does not cooperate we may shift to the afternoon.)
$125 per person

Reserve your spot by phoning Louise:

Charter Prep Clinic Offered

A real stress buster.
If you will be chartering for the first time,
or just need a refresher, this course will do the trick.

You've heard the saying of "trying to drink from a fire hose", right?
This is exactly what happens when you get your boat orientation
from your charter check-out captain.

Learn all the  boat systems of a charter boat check-out at a liesurly pace.
Ask questions. Take notes.
Actually do the hands on stuff you will be doing on your own, away from home base.
Electric panel (icon recognition)
Boat battery location and battery on/off switches
Cooking (propane guages and switches)
Safety (fire extinguishers, PFD location, first aid kits, EPIRBs, etc)
Paper charts
And much more
A great intro course for the Night Sail, later that same day.
$95.00  per person
October 5, 3PM - 6PM

An unforgettable experience...sailing at night!

This is a rare opportunity to participate in a most extraordinary offering.
Learn to trust in the boat and all the systems:
Garmin chartplotter
Auto pilot
Inboard diesel engine
Navigation aides
VHF radio
MOB procedures at night
Night watches, crew rotations
Star identification
$95.00 per person
October 5, 7PM - 10PM

Reserve your spot by phoning Louise:

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