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Sailstice Memories. Hot Temps = Algae blooms



Summer Sailstice now on the record books.

Great winds made for a memorable crossing.

2018 Sailstice was incredible.
Boats were Flying.
 Fastest crossing yet.
54 minutes.
Our Lindon group made it to Pelican Bay in record time.

 Summer Sailstice boats tied up in Pelican Bay Marina.
What a nice little spot.
and the bugs were actually few in number.

Somebody offered that a Sailstice light show would attract bugs.
Not tonight.
Thanks for taking the time (and the effort) Rob.

This is a "Roncie".
( a cookie [actually a breakfast muffin], made by Ron)
Banana Nut Breakfast Muffins enjoyed by our Sailstice sailors.

If you took any photos / videos of your Sailstice experience,
try winning a prize for your efforts.
Good Luck!

This looks like a Sailstice video winner to me.
Thanks to Rob for this excellent vid.

Algae information buoys on Utah Lake
Not sure why Utah Lake has become the whipping boy for algae bloom hysteria.
Every state in the nation has algae blooms.

American Fork Marina now has wind info.

It's going to be another hot one today.
Cool off by imagining yourself sailing through the Northwest Passage.

Or go climb an iceberg.
(Full Screen is best)

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