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Summer Sailstice this Friday - Saturday

June 22 - 23, 2018, Summer Sailstice Social Sail
Celebrate Sailing

Early sign ups could be prize winners.

Summer Sailstice participants sailing on Utah Lake, as in years past, will sail out of Provo and Lindon, to converge on Pelican Bay Marina, the evening of Friday, June 22. Although it is the longest day of the year, if we don't have good wind, a 7 mile crossing still puts us into Pelican Bay close to, or after dark, if we leave around 6 PM. As this is a social sail, there are no hard and fast rules...except to enjoy the evening sail. Bring your Hibachi, ice cream maker or order delivered pizza from Tenney's.

If you feel so inclined, get some 12V LED strip lights to festoon your boat. The lakeside homes have started to watch for Sailstice boats coming into the harbor at night. A great way to promote sailing on Utah Lake.

Crosland Trophy
24 hour sail
over and around Utah Lake.
Are you up for an endurance challenge?
How fast and how far can you go in 24 hours?
Sailstice / Crosland 2016
 Mitch Mahana, Roger Crosland,
( 76.5 NM )

Chad Chorniak, current record holder, 2017
( 80.4 NM )

Your Name:
( Your Record )

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