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June 2. New date for Festival Regatta. New classes coming.

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Utah Lake Festival Regatta Date Change

Due to dredging completion date being moved up...
ULSP has announced a new date for the regatta.
June 2, Saturday, 2018
Get your boats race ready, as we're now just 33 days, and counting,
from our biggest race of the year.

With the dredging of the Provo Harbor, and new concrete ramp extensions,
big boats with 5'-6' drafts will now be able to  get out on the lake.

Big Boats...please come and join in the festivities.
All are welcome.
ULSP has a mast crane to assist in a safe mast install.

We plan on putting Wyewacket in the water.
Draft  5' 10"

Due to this date change, it would really help to know if you plan to race your boat in this years regatta.
Please give us a call or text to let us know if you plan on registering.


We need to know how many awards to order,
sooner rather than later, due to the date change.

If it ain't broke...don't try to fix it.
but we still need to know if you're attending the after race festivities.
Give us a call or text.

Cool swag give-aways.

ULSP dredging project nears completion.
4' of material has been removed from selected areas.
North launch ramps are extended as new concrete ramps are poured.

New Horizons Maritime Center conducts public school seminars at ULSP.
Thank you Dale and Jim for your much appreciated volunteer help.

However...the park is not open yet.
Dredging work continues to move forward.
The park allowed kids into the park as a courtesy only.
Stay tuned for opening date info.

Thanks to the strong sailing community volunteer spirit at the Lindon Marina,
much needed flashing red and green jetty lights were installed last year,
to assist mariners to safely find their way back, on dark and moonless nights.

Be advised...the state is slow to place, "on-the-water," red and green buoys,
as well as "wakeless" buoys at the now busy Lindon Marina.

Use caution when night sailing on Utah Lake.

I thought it was my eyes that were getting older.
Can't see the Big Dipper (or the North Star) so well from my back yard anymore.


I first learned about this knarly race from Port Townsend to Ketchikan,
when attending the 2015 TWSB convention in Port Townsend.

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