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Fresh water in the middle of the ocean. Cofferdams...a good sign.

Happy Holidays from Bonneville

Cofferdam in place. ULSP harbor water being pumped out.
If you get into the (closed) park, you will be cited (as have some already),
says park rangers.

It would be nice if the park would blog this historic harbor improvement.
Progress to date. Amount of bottom material removed. Where all that material is going. Etc.
Involve the public. Get folks interested in the lake.
This is a great opportunity for some good PR.

Don't cite them...invite them.
Set aside a weekend or two as an open house for the public to see the dredging progress.
Hot chocolate & S'mores.

Just in from Mike Harmer. Nice vid of dredging operations.
If anybody else has images of dredging, I would be happy to post them.
Thanks Mike.

Visit Bonneville's Weather Page for new "Lake Live Cam".

You've often heard me say that soaring is like sailing.
What do you think?
another distraction

Who knew?

If you're thirsty, just pull into the nearest atoll.
from Bernard Moitessier book A "Sea Vagabond's World".
You can always find fresh water on an atoll; just dig a well. During the rainy season, water from the sky penetrates the sand, to gently overlay that from the sea. Fresh water is lighter than salt water, so it floats on top, and the underground stillness keeps the two from mixing.

Christmas in Europe
(full screen is beautiful)

Seattle celebrates Christmas on the water.

More beautiful Christmas music
The Wexford Carol

Best wishes for a joyous Christmas Season.
See you in 2018.

Gift Certificates still a great stocking stuffer.

Still looking for Winter Sailing Seminar presenters.
Would anyone like to volunteer to find door prize sponsors?

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