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It's begining to look at lot like,

Utah Lake State Park announces shut down December 1, 2017

Dry storage boats must be removed from park by December 1!

Due to the park being totally shut down for dredging,
we will not be able to present our Winter Sailing Seminars, as in years past.
We have most of the presentations arranged for,
but don't have the time or energy to go out and find a new WSS venue at this late date.

If anyone out there can find a place for seminars, we can provide the presenters.

We typically don't have more than 40 folks show up, and a decent venue should have bathrooms, heating, electricity, tables and chairs. It would be nice to have a central location between SLC and Provo, that could be accessed after business hours.

We were quite fortunate to have such nice facilities, provided by the state parks for the last 10 years. Thank you ULSP for many enjoyable, informative and educational hours spent at the visitors center conference room.

If anyone can locate suitable premises, let us know ASAP,
or we will have to cancel this years Winter Sailing Seminars.

Under the Christmas Tree

"Give experience instead of stuff"

Catalina Sailing in January

Celestial Navigation Class

Sailing Gift Certificates

Lindon Marina gets new ice rink.

Ron spreads rubber membrane over groomed parking lot.
elongated boxes will hold in the water/ice.

New ice rink takes shape. Just add water.
Follow rink progress on Facebook.

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