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Utah Lake Governing Board Meeting, Lindon Jetty lights flashing, Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
Utah Lake Governing Board Meeting
Lots of information sharing, Thursday, November 16, 2017
Renewable Energy Innovations has plans for Utah Lake

Other interesting topics in the works:
Wind / approaching storm data from UDOT weather stations
on north and south ends of the lake.
Dredging of the entire lake. (Yup, you heard right).
Dredging Provo harbor. (More info in two weeks).
Digesters and aeriators to control algal blooms.
Concrete ramp extensions
Provo River Delta project
Phragmites removal
Carp population maintenance
Video about Utah Lake (missed the boat on sailing inclusion)

Audio recording of meeting.

HCR # 26, sponsored by Representative Mike McKell.

Catalina Island
sailin' the outside.

Catalina circumnavigation is a great way to get in some sea hours.

And if you've never been to the west side, add that to your resume too.

Celestial Navigation class offered in April

Lindon Marina lookin' good

The sailing community and state come together to create something quite extraordinary
at the Lindon Marina.
Flashing illumination on top of 21' high poles,
sure makes you feel like you're safely coming back home after night sailing.
This is a very big deal.
Kudos to all who made this happen. Thanks to Chad for this photo.

If we are sailing, at night, returning from the south end of the lake to Lindon Harbor,
at what distance, in nautical miles, will we first see the new jetty lights?

Great reference tables for your log book.

This is a common math problem for all you navigation geeks,
when using lighthouse beacons and "geographic ranges".

My .02 worth.
 My eye level, above water line, on my boat =  6 ft.
My guess, height of jetty lights above water line = 31 ft.
I should be able to see Lindon jetty lights (in normal conditions),
 approx 9.5 nm out.

So if you're sailing a straight course back to Lindon, at a steady 4 kts boat speed...
It will take you approx 2.38 hours to get back to the marina.
1.9 hours at 5 kts.
1.6 hours at 6 kts.

Time= Distance / speed

Archie on Thanksgiving

A Demerit Badge I earned after getting knocked down, jibing the E Scow.
Which ones have you earned?
Great site Roger.

What does a Ferrari V12 engine and sailing have in common?
Maybe nothing. Maybe something.

Bonneville School of Sailing

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Bonneville School of Sailing!

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