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Utah Lake level on the rise? Now at -4.01 (Oct. 17).

Utah Lake Water Level still at -4.3 (Oct 3).

Winter project

Make your own reverse osmosis watermaker

It's getting to be that time of year again.

Sailing the Cape Dory down to Utah Lake State Park marina,
to see if this 3' draft good old boat can make it to the ramp for haul out.
Flying wing & wing for one long leg was very relaxing.

I'm just idling along here. Don't want to run into any marine hazards going too fast.
So far - so good.

Gliding past the "infamous" concrete steps, Provo Marina.
As Capt. Ron would say,
"If anything's going to happen, it's going to happen right here"...or something like that.

No problems hitting anything. Lake level is hovering around -4.30 feet (Oct, 4).
On October 15, pumping water out of Utah Lake for agriculture is supposed to end.
Let's see if lake levels rise then.

Thought I'd tie up to Jim Cross's dredge equipment for lunch.

Heading back to Lindon until I can arrange for a 4-wheel drive outfit to pull the boat out.
That will be a sad day. Not really looking forward to it.
Had some strong winds that buried the rail.
"Cross sheeting" helps me stay on the high side to avoid getting balance too low.

If the old adage, "you get what you pay for" is true,
then this stuff should be pretty good.

What really happened to the WW I German U boat, UB-85?

Who knew?
The GSLYC has a distant twin.
The GSLYC in Canada.

Sailing the Great Slave Lake
Houseboats of Houseboat Bay, GSL


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