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Where's all this algae ? Why do they refer to them as sail planes?

Let's tell it like it really is. I'm talkin' about algal blooms.
Sail planes and sail boats.
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They are remarkably similar.

Ruminations on sailing the "second boat".

Funky. Gnarly. Drakey

"I don't want people to panic and think the whole lake is toxic,"
(Salt Lake Tribune source).

Eric Ellis, Director of the Utah Lake Commission,
is vanguarding efforts to make Utah Lake conditions and concerns,
more timely and accurate,
than what has been making sensationalistic headlines these days.

"Sorry that what we hear in the news doesn't always align with what we see on the lake. One of the big inconsistencies causing this is the reporting data lag. Samples are taken one day, shipped to a lab, processed and the results aren't ready for days if not a week. As such, the direction of spread, scope of the bloom and readings on cell counts and such is often delayed. Data collected from test strips and satellite imagery are closer to day of, but are only reportable after the more thorough testing is complete. 
Of interest, it was made clear the other day on one of the Harmful Algal Bloom conference calls that advisories and closures on Utah Lakes due to Algal Blooms are not enforceable, meaning, if you are comfortable using the lake, even when it is signed as closed, it is your prerogative to do so. 
I'm the first to admit that perception is king however, and it's pretty tough to talk people into using the lake when it gets a barrage of negative media for months at a time. Please know that I am working hard to minimize the inflammatory language in the news. In the next few weeks we are planning to schedule a meeting between lake users, especially those who depend on Utah Lake as part of their business. I would like to provide an opportunity to you and others to voice concerns and ideas for improving the messaging of future algal blooms. Sometimes it seems as though objectivity goes out the window in favor of click bait headlines that sell papers, there must be a better way to advise the public when blooms take place without automatically getting ground up by the negative press". 

So far, our boats going out on Utah Lake have yet to discover an Algal Bloom,
(Visit our Facebook Page for eyewitness reports)

Catalina Island is waiting for you.

Utah Lake 68% full
Deer Creek 95% full
Jordanelle 95% full
Lost Lake 100% full

 I think it would be awesome to be out sailing during a total eclipse.

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