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Varnish survey. Sailstice Event, June 23, 6:30 PM. Drone requirements.

Let's Go Sailin'

In the past we have sailed to Pelican Bay on the west side of Utah Lake,
for a BBQ / home made ice cream / sailing stories swap,
on the summer solstice.

Pelican Bay Marina is currently closed, due to dredging operations.

There are over 34 sailboats at the Lindon Marina.
Cast-off dock lines and leave Lindon Marina around 6:30 PM (18:30), Friday, June 23
(solstice is the longest day of the year)
Form a conga line sailing down to Utah Lake State Park
and move the BBQ / home made ice cream / sailing stories swap under the ice rink pavilion.
That means the open transient docks will probably fill up fast...
so be prepared to anchor out in the "outer harbor", or "Skippers Bay".
Bring no-see-um netting for your companionways and hatches.
As you know, bugs come out at twilight,
and can be a force to be reckoned with.
so come "bug prepared".

Consider lighting up your boat with 12v LED strip lighting.

ATTN: Sailboats at ULSP...
 come out to meet the Lindon Flotilla half way,
and return with us to the Provo Marina.

Sign Up
to increase your boat's chances of winning a prize,

Then, share your Summer Sailstice adventures
by posting your photos on Bonneville's Facebook.Bonneville's Facebook.

Skippers Meeting at 6:30 PM,
Friday Evening, June 23
Lindon Marina Parking Lot

Jamestown Distributor publishes Varnish Survey report.

If you can rub your stomach and pat your head...
while sailing, facing backwards,
you can probably fly a drone from your boat

So what's the scoop on legally flying a drone close to a controlled airspace, etc?

Sailing the Andaman Islands

GPS could be changing us

Innovative Urban Transitions and Aridregion Hydro-sustainability

Say what?

If you don't already have "No-See-Um /Mosquito netting for your hatches,
You'll wish you had it around 9:37 PM, June 23.
2017 Summer Sailstice.

Have you noticed that our sailing waters are getting cleaner?
Efforts of the Utah Lake Commission and it's partners have really made a difference.
Let's do our part as a sailing community to keep this "cleaner lake" direction going.

Beat the Heat.

Forecast are seldom accurate, especially 4 days out...
but it could be good.
But it for sure won't be your typical Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

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