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Regatta Photos, Summer Sailstice June 23-25, Father's Day Special

Don't just stand there . . . SAIL SOMETHING!

Moh Waddah, Moh Beddah
In the past we have sailed to Pelican Bay on the west side of Utah Lake,
for a BBQ / home made ice cream / sailing stories swap,
on the summer solstice.

Pelican Bay Marina is currently closed, due to dredging operations.

There are nearly 30 sailboats at the Lindon Marina.
Cast-off dock lines and leave Lindon Marina around 6:30 PM (18:30), Friday, June 23
(solstice is the longest day of the year)
Form a conga line sailing down to Utah Lake State Park
and move the BBQ / home made ice cream / sailing stories swap under the ice rink pavilion.
That means the open transient docks will probably fill up fast...
so be prepared to anchor out in the "outer harbor".
Bring no-see-um netting for your companionways and hatches.
As you know, bugs come out at twilight,
and can be a force to be reckoned with.
so come "bug prepared".

Consider lighting up your boat with 12v LED strip lighting.

ATTN: Sailboats at ULSP...
 come out to meet the Lindon Flotilla half way,
and return with us to the Provo Marina.

We would like to invite you to
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to increase your boat's chances of winning a prize,

Then, share your Summer Sailstice adventures
by posting your photos on Bonneville's Facebook.

Skippers Meeting at 6:00 PM, Friday,  June 23 Lindon Marina Parking Lot

2017 Utah Lake Festival Regatta was a blast

Many boats sailed down from Lindon to Provo the night before the regatta.
Unsinkable 2 is backlit with a striking golden sunset.

13 boats were registered for this years regatta.
It's always exciting to see a group of sails out on the race course.

It's been a couple of years since we were able to get Wyewacket into the water.
An awesome Olson 30 that knows it's way around the buoys.

Hopefully you got to participate in some of the numerous activities associated with the festival.

One of my favorite parts of the regatta is socializing at the always amazing BBQ dinner.
A big thanks  to DeWitt and volunteer crew.

Jason and Mitch sport well earned Gold Medals.

Can't go wrong with more boat safety equipment.
Congratulations Sarah

A good rigging knife is a friend for life.
Doug will find many uses for this aboard his new boat.

There are always lots of thank you's to be expressed, but we need to start with  the
Utah Lake Commission
and Eric Ellis and staff for accepting the challenge of being the sole sponsor for this year's
Utah Lake Festival Regatta.

And the regatta would not have been possible without incredible volunteers.
Thank you
Roger - committee boat
Doug - committee boat
Sam - committee boat
Mitch's folks - chase boat
John Johnson - smoker for BBQ
Mitch - smoker driver
U.S. Sailing - regatta software/race program
DeWitt - head chef
Ruth - BBQ volunteer
Norma - BBQ volunteer
Karl - BBQ volunteer
Jason - BBQ volunteer
Kimberly - BBQ volunteer
Sea Scout - BBQ volunteer
Terry - event photographer/awards presenter
Susan - BBQ volunteer
Jason - park ranger
Utah Income Properties - pontoon boat/committee boat
It really does take a village to make a regatta happen.

And to all skippers and crew.
Good on ya mate!

Please send us your photos of this memorable event,
and we will put them on Bonneville's Facebook, for all to enjoy.

Sadly, West Marine, who has been a major contributor for past events,
will be closing it's Salt Lake store, June 17.

Father's Day Sailing Idea

Where the saying "whatever floats your boat", must have come from.

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