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Cross Marine Projects. Utah Lake Festival Regatta

Utah Lake Festival Regatta Coming Soon
If you're not familiar with Cross Marine Projects...

They're based out of American Fork,
and are doing some pretty cool stuff.

If you like sailing the Pacific Northwest,
I think you'll enjoy this (long) vid.
Best viewed full screen, eh.

Self proclaimed "pirates" scuttled on Utah Lake.
How would your "what they did right" VS, "what they did wrong" columns read?

What they did right
1). Brought along 1 PFD

What they did wrong
1). Didn't bring along 2 PFD's
2). If you're going to make a pirate ship out of inner tubes, choose the right tubes, etc.
3). The word hypothermia may have had very limited meaning for these two.
4). Maybe these guys could work on their knot tying skills.
5). It's always a good idea to take 'er out for a short "shake-down" cruise first.
6). Did not obtain movie rights for a "Little Rascals" spin-off.
7). Timing was off, to float through the background of "Radio Active".
8). The KSL interview did not contain one single Arrghhh.
9). Real pirates, even official Utah Lake pirates, wear lots of mascara.
10). These talking points are more like guide lines than actual rules.

Thumbs up to ULSP rangers Josh and Scott who fished these two out of Utah Lake.

West Marine Announces SLC Store Closure!

Over the years, we've hung lots of bling on sunburned necks.
What will 2017 bring for you and your crew?

Utah Lake Festival Regatta
Saturday, June 3, 2017.
just 45 days away

We are planning for four divisions this year...
Division I -  keelboats up to 22', LOA
Division II - keelboats 23' - 25,' LOA
Division III - keelboats 26' LOA and over
Division IV - multihulls
Scoring will be computed by using US Sailing PHRF handicap rules.

I found myself hiking out in my chair
while watching this racing vid.
(full screen)
Thanks for the heads up Roger.

New Horizons Maritime Center
will be presenting a seminar on building the Bella 10
during this years
Teaching With Small Boats Alliance Conference
held in St. Michaels, Maryland.
We will not be sending out a newsletter while we're in Maryland...
but you can follow us on our NHMC Facebook page.

Bonneville School of Sailing

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