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Southern Lights? Sailboat Wreck, Regatta

Utah Lake breaks -4.00 water level!

On April 2, 2017, CUWCD registered a -3.99 water level.
The water level is higher than any water level recorded in 2016.
Let's go Sailin'

but be safe, and sail smart.
Take a few minutes to learn from this film.
What things are going wrong here?
If you were the skipper, what would you do different?

Southern Cross


Southern Cross


Southern Cross

Southern Cross


Southern Cross

Southern Cross featured on both Australia and New Zealand flags.
But which is which?

Southern Lights
(as apposed to Northern Lights)

DWQ sensors being readied for deployment on Utah Lake.

DWQ will be placing buoys out on Utah Lake  in April,
to warn if algae bloom conditions are approaching.

Our Utah sailing community
(that's you and me)
has a great opportunity to help install a real time wind instrument,
like the one pictured above,
on a DWQ buoy.
(pictured above, above)
This unit is coming in as a $1300 retrofit, per buoy.
If you think you might be using "real time wind info" while out sailing on Utah Lake,
please consider pledging a donation to the Utah Lake Commission.
Give Eric a call today
and contribute your part to making a real improvement in your sailing experience.

Looking for boats to put in this years Utah Lake Festival
"Boat Show"

Unique - beautiful - historic - working - recreational -
Give us a call if you have a boat connection for this years show.

Volunteers needed for Utah Lake Festival.
Boat show co-ordinators
Committee boat judges
BBQ dinner helpers
Regatta photographers
Powerboat race course set-up / take down

Utah Lake Festival Regatta
June 3, 2017
just 60 days to get your boat race ready!
3 classes, top 3 finishers in each class get medals
swag give-away / raffle drawing
BBQ extraordinaire
PHRF Handicapping

For more info on these Idaho sailing venues,
check out SISA

Learn "stitch and glue" boat construction from NHMC's master boat builder.
Become a volunteer instructor, teaching this STEM project
to low income, middle school students.

Add your name to NHMC's growing list of volunteer instructors.
Thank you.

Infinity Pools

Bonneville School of Sailing

Click to visit
Bonneville School of Sailing!

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    •  Utah Lake State Park
       4440 West Center St.
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