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Anemometers on Utah Lake.

Got Wind ?

You don't need a weather vane to know which way the wind blows...
or do you?

(Professional wind instrument)

As sailors on Utah Lake,
how interested in
real time wind speed and direction are you?

Thanks to Eric Ellis at the Utah Lake Commission,
(and last years algal bloom),
we have a rare and unique opportunity to get involved with retrofitting
the DWQ algal bloom buoys with real time wind instruments.

I asked Eric if it was possible to put wind instruments on these buoys to give us sailors warnings when some of those Utah Lake wind events unleash themselves.
This information/warning may get to us in time to reef and furl sails.
Or just get in off the lake.

The Utah Lake Commission has a budget for such things,
but if we are the primary beneficiaries of this upgrade,
it seems logical that our sailing community should get involved financially.

 Retrofit  upgrades come with a $3,900 price tag for three anemometers.

This fund raising request is time sensitive.
As ice is now off the lake,
Algal bloom buoys are getting ready to go out on the lake.

If you can contribute any amount towards retrofitting the algal bloom buoys
with wind instruments,
Please make a pledge to the Utah Lake Commission no later than
April 3, 2017.

 Make checks payable to:
Utah Lake Commission
51 S. University Ave
# 109, Provo, UT 84601

or drop off checks to Eric's office (above)

Thank you for your considerations.

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