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Last seminar, Summer Saistice 2017

Utah Lake breaks 50% full
Catalina Yearbook Seminar
Bonneville's Last Seminar for the Season
This Thursday, March 2, 2017, 7 - 8:30 PM
Utah Lake State Park

Catalina Cruise #4
21 October, 2015
Chris, Orie, Lon Sr., Lon, Matt, Heli, Kevin
(This was our fastest over and back trip ever.
All under sail, averaging 6 knots, fastest speeds, 11 knots).

Catalina Cruise #7
5 November 2016
Darin and Shannon catching some rays on the high side.
Joel, owner of Rudder Craft, is at the helm.

Come and join us as we sail back in time to Catalina Island.
 Each trip had something new to discover,
something new to learn,
something special to return to.

If you have made "the crossing" with us,
Please join us as honored alumni,
and re-live each of the 7 unique and memorable Catalina experiences.

Roger Crosland has put together a Power Point presentation on tips and tricks for sailing a cat. We'll present this right after the Catalina Yearbook.

Grand Prize Give Away for Seminar #7
This Thursday, March 2, 2016, 7 - 8:30 PM, Utah Lake State Park.
A beautiful Rudder Craft ash and mahognay tiller handle.

Check out some of these historic tiller handles.

If you would like to make your own memories of a crossing to Catalina, now's your chance.
Join our Catalina Cruise #8,
aboard a brand new Fountaine Pajot 44' catamaran.
March 15 - 18, 2016.

This is your brain on one of those Coast Guard
Celestial Navigation Classes.

This is your brain on
Bonneville's Celestial Navigation Course.
"I have taught navigation for many years and have taken other celestial navigation courses. This is by far the best and most thorough course I have ever taken." Emery

Remember when you wrote your legislator,
with your concerns about marine hazards damaging your boat,
at the Provo Marina?

Well...your voice was heard.
(Although I have have my own thoughts on dredging timing),
I have heard the closure of the Provo Marina referred to as the
Provo Marina Migration.

Let's load up the gear and head north to the
Lindon Marina.

If you haven't got a slip here...better hustle.

Pretty sure the Lindon Marina does not have a Quagga Mussel Sanitation Station.
If you are going to put a boat in Lindon, from any other body of water,
give DNR a call before you splash here.

When will Quagga Mussels hit Utah Lake?

At one point I was told it was a done deal.
and I think the possibilities are still good,
but... if as a V.I.S.B.O. (very important sail boat operator),
you feel wind instruments retrofitted to these yellow buoys,
would make your recreating experiences safer on Utah Lake
(feel free to share any actual terror,
or worse things that have happened to you while sailing on Utah Lake),
please contact Marshall Baillie ( ) with your thoughts on the subject.

Who knew that contacting your legislator would have been so well received?
Maybe we'll be fortunate enough to have real wind data to warn us of dangerous lake storms.

Get Certified
Join us for our sailing instructors
First Responders First Aid & CPR course.
Coming this spring.

You never know when you'll need it.

Summer seems like a long way off, but before you know it...
Summer Sailstice will be here, on June 23 - 24, 2017.
So register now for cool prizes.
Although this is a World Wide sailing celebration,
our Utah Lake sailors have won their fair share of prizes in the past.

Moh Waddah,  Moh Beddah,
Lindon to Pelican Bay, 2017.

To register:
1). Go to Summer Sailstice and login or create an account
2). Scroll down to "many ways to celebrate and win, click on "find an event near you".
3). Enter "Moh Waddah, Moh Beddah" in the search for an event bar to find our event.
4). Register on that page.

Be thinking of lighting your boat as we come into Pelican Bay.
Hone your Hibachi skills.
Get out your favorite home made ice cream recipe.
Get new strings for the ukulele.

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