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Seattle Boat Show, Winter Sailing Seminars

Snow Pack, Provo River Basin 135%
It may not be Port Townsend...

but the Seattle Boat Show looks like it has something for everyone.
January 27 - February 04
New products (from 2013), but still interesting.

Week long seminars on boating topics looks impressive.

You may recall Lynne Reister from Lodestar Marine, 
presented one of our Winter Sailing Seminars.
Lynne will be giving a few seminars at the Seattle Boat Show.

The race is ON!

After leading the Vendee Globe pack, then giving it up to Armel Le Cléac’h,
by as much as 800 miles at the Cape,
Alex Thompson on Hugo Boss is battling back to a narrow 160 mile difference.

Let's hope that the Vendee Globe pack doesn't go bump in the night with any of this ocean junk.

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the strongest current system in the world.
Just one more consideration for Vendee Globe skippers.

DeWitt engages curious students with an interactive Mayflower symposium,
at Westridge  school.

New Horizons now has access to a brilliant hand built model replica of the Mayflower.

Thank you to all those who have donated to NHMC's programs.
It does make a difference.

1 day / 13 hours / 31 minutes / 20 seconds.
More racing down under.
Creating sailing legends.

It's a tough job,
but somebodies got to do it.
Playing with the latest drones, in the Caribbean, on a sailboat.

if you have expired flares
why not give 'em up to a 2017 celebration,
then get current at your local WM.

Winter Sailing Seminars are scheduled to begin January 19
and run consecutive Thursday evenings
7 - 8:30 PM, Provo Marina
Seminar #1
What's all this about needing an I.C.C. license to bareboat charter?

We are always grateful to those who contribute sailing related "door prizes".
If you can help out, please give us a call.

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