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Catalina Adventure Cruise Day 2, Dinghy Visit to Bird Island, NHMC Builds More Boats

California Cruisin'

Catalina Adventure Cruise, Day 2
November 3 - 5

A clear November dawn in Two Harbors.
Coming back from the restaurant last night, our dinghy looked like it was leaving sparks in the water. It was subtle but surprising to see. Keep your eyes peeled next time you use your dinghy at night. You might just see some bioluminescence, trailing behind.

Ship Rock, illuminated by the first rays of the morning.
A great visual landmark by day, and a respected...if not feared navigation hazard at night.
Leaving Long Beach any later than noon, usually has us approaching Two Harbors right when the light is disappearing. Best to have a good understanding of where Ship Rock, Bird Rock  and the harbor shoal areas are located.

It's getting to be a tradition.
Our "before breakfast walk" across the island to Catalina Harbor.

Eucalyptus and cactus line the route.

A Eucalyptus grove shelters a rope swing, as well as the 8th hole of the frisbee golf course.

Joel and Gabby returning from their walk.
Hash browns, scrambled eggs, yogurt and fresh fruit await.

We decided to stay in close to land,
to check out all the caves, coves and beaches. Lots to see.
Another beautiful sunny day. Winds were nil.

We noticed the Goodyear blimp at the airport when we got off our plane in L.A.
Looks like our Avalon landfall is the same as the blimp.
This thing really made good time. Not slow at all.

Coming in close to the Casino Point Dive Park to check it out.
Lots of divers in today. Temps in the 70's. Not bad for November.
As soon as we got into the harbor, a strong crosswind picked up
and challenged our mooring ball pick up.

We had great neighbors while on our mooring ball.
Extremely helpful and friendly.
They gave us some tips on how to attract  thousands of fish when snorkeling,
so Joel and Gabby decided to give the Casino Point Marine Park a try.
They also mentioned an unwritten / unpublished factoid:
if you pay 2 days mooring fees during the off season, you get 5 extra days free.

The Avalon promenade seemed unusually quiet tonight.
Maybe because a big triathlon was scheduled for the early morning.

Catalina Adventure Cruise, Day 3
Next week

The best time to explore Bird Island is now.

Mitchs' red dinghy ready to make the crossing from the Lincoln Beach area.

Landfall is made in 1.9 nautical miles.
This  tufa gravel sand bar extends to the south east and is well known to be a boat buster.
Water depth at the half way point between Lincoln Beach and Bird Island: 5.5 feet.

Any guesses as to what kind of object this might be?

I've heard zucchini can grow anywhere, but really?

The south eastern most tip of Bird Island.
Roger and Mitch actually walked this "spit" as far as they could,
 until they were chest deep.
 a GPS Lat / Lon position of that point:
N 40Ëš  10.353'
W 111Ëš  47.730'

NHMC works with the second group of students at Glendale Middle School,
using STEAM curriculum, to build two Bella 10 dinghys.

DeWitt helps the class learn how to take accurate measurements and how to simplify fractions.

As NHMC programs continue to grow, we are looking for volunteers to help us inspire self confidence and life skills in our youth, through the building of wooden boats.
Give us a call to start your own adventure.

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