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Return from Catalina, U.S Presidents Who Were Sailors

Catalina Adventure Cruisin'
Long Beach - Two Harbors - Avalon - Long Beach
November 3 - 6, 2016

Day 1
Getting checked out on Sapphire, a Hunter 36.
Blue skies, shirt sleeve weather, and an able and willing crew make conditions excellent
for a crossing to Santa Catalina Island, from Long Beach.

Darin has Sapphire clocking 6.4 knots. Nice straight wake too.
One of the few days I've been able to see the mainland and Catalina as well.
The day was clear, with bright sun and great winds.
Forecasts got the temps correct (70's), but the winds were much nicer than the 5-10 kts predicted.

Our destination is directly off our bow.
Two Harbors will be reached just before sunset.

Taking turns at the helm. Life is good.
Everyone has such interesting stories to tell.

Fresh air and sunshine. Everything seems to be coming together.

And then it just got better...

Making great time (6 +kts) to Two Harbors.

I must have been elsewhere,
but when did you guys decide to all use chop sticks??
Harbor Reef Restaurant always puts on a good spread.
We shut down the place with sailing stories.

Day 2 of our Catalina Cruisin'
coming next week.

The next time you charter a boat,
inquire what kind of chartplotter (brand and model) you'll be using,
and then find a tutorial, so you don't have to fuss with the darn thing while out on the water.

Distant Shores T.V. Series
takes us to Malta and Pompeii

Were U.S. Presidents sailors?

NHMC will research JFK's FLASH
to restore a Star boat to replicate this famous part of sailing history.

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