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Talk Like a Pirate Day (Free Krispy Kreme Donut), Basic Keelboat Lesson Opening

Talk Like A Pirate Day
Monday, September 19

If you didn't mark your calendar,
today's the day.
And if you've also forgotten exactly how a pirate speaks...
Try repeating "Now Bring Me That Horizon".

Classic lessons on speaking like a pirate.

So far, we've been "sailin' the paint off the boat",
at Jordanelle.

We have an opening, for a three day class this week.
Two lessons a day beginning September 22.

If it's anything like these last three days...
you'll get in some incredible sailing.
Reserve your spot ASAP.

Thanks again to Park City Sailing Association for helping us get back in the water,
to complete our season.

Utah Lake now at 31% full.

Rio Paralympics score silver.
Sailing Anarchy talks like a pirate (as usual) about the whole thing.
Great site. Lots of unfortunate pirate speak.

A pleasant note to end on.
The sight of wooden boats on the water.
Day 2

(select full screen for great cinematography)

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