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Noahs Arc Revisited, GoPro, Cruise Report

Winter Sailing Seminar # 6

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Go Pro Workshop
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Provo Marina

Peter Jorgensen has accepted the challenge
to share some of the successes he has had with his GoPro camera.
Things like:
 motion stabilization, color correction, motion blur,  and other stuff like that.

But we'd also like to hear (and see) stuff that has worked for you.

Let's see what you've got.
Bring your own camera, your favorite accessories and "unique video footage" to share.
We will have a projector and connecting cables. You will need to bring your own laptop.
Share your successes, failures, and thoughts.

Next Week
our last seminar
Thursday, March 3, 7 - 8:30 PM, Provo Marina
The Cellar Door
an acoustic concert
 water music for the discerning listener
Grand Prize Giveaway
You must be present to win
Tiller Handle from Rudder Craft
Automatic inflateable PFD from West Marine.

 Reconstructing Noah's Arc

Our friend KMag from Ullman Sails,
sailing another great race to PV aboard Timeshaver.

Follow Timeshaver on Yellow Brick.
Bookin' it downwind to Puerto Vallarta.

Our Catalina Couples Cruise left Avalon about the same time as Timeshaver left San Diego.
Wouldn't it be awesome to catch a departing TransPac start,
while coming back to Long Beach from Catalina, threading our way through all those impressive boats.

Catalina Couples Cruise

Day 1

Arrive at Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach to check out on Mai Tai, our Lagoon 40

Dale talks about safety to our couples crew.

Weather forecast was 20% chance of rain when we left Long Beach.
We're a little soggy, but out of the now "full on" downpour outside the Harbor Reef Restaurant.

Day 2
On our way to Avalon, the sun came out and so did the sails.
Everybody's on deck for Vitamin D.

Our crew wanted to check out the small beach camp of Toyon Bay, on our way to Avalon.

As soon as we secured a mooring ball in Avalon,
everyone made a B-line for the public showers.

Then it was off to explore the island. Some went by foot, others by golf cart.
There's some nice residential architecture up behind Avalon, including Zane Gray's home.
This route took us by the start of the Catalina zip line,
Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens,
and Wrigley baseball field.

Day 3
Had great winds, sunshine and blue sky for the return leg to Long Beach.

Strong winds took Jerry's favorite hat right off his head.
H.O.B. recovery was successful.

Steve from Marina Sailing meets us at the dock.

Crew dinner at Parker's Lighthouse Restaurant.
Always hard to say goodbye to newly made sailing friends.

We're starting a list for those who want to join us for a 3-5 day sail
in the beautiful San Juan Island's.
We're thinking fall of 2016.
As we get more feed-back, we'll make more solid plans.
The sooner we hear back from you, the sooner we can secure our boat.

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