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Dredging? Who said anything about dredging?

Who's doing the dredging?

When is it going to happen?

Trying to get an answer to WHO is dredging and WHEN it's going to happen,
is starting to feel like...

Be thinking of nice ways of asking your Legislators (again)
what's going on with marina dredging?

There are 13 boats still in their slips.

If you recognize your boat in this photo,
you need to make some pull-out plans.

Check your e-mail for end of season
from Jason Allen
Utah Lake State Park Manager.

"On Friday October 2nd park staff will be placing metal grates
temporary over the above mentioned holes at the end of the North East
Ramp.  We will do our best to mark where the grates are but I strongly
advise to check for yourselves where the grates are before you back in
your trailers.

These grates will be in place till the following Friday and then will
be removed due to the potential hazard they cause for unwary boaters
who are launching and recovering their vessels".
Jason Allen
Utah Lake State Park Manager

Great shot of recent Blood Moon taken from Helper, Utah.
Thanks Brent Haddock

Newest largest sailboat in the world
White Pearl
Russian flagged, German built, French designed.
482 ft. long, price tag not in yet, but will be in the nine figure column.
Owner: Melnichenko, Russian billionaire.
(Thanks to Mike Harmer for this news scoop).

Melnichenko's car license plate probably reads:
my other super yacht is an

Possible bucket list sailing trip.
Transiting the Corinth Canal.

Interesting factiod for our group sailing to Catalina Island, October 21 - 24

Can you tell the difference between a Harbor Seal and a Sea Lion?

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