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Special Edition! Can you help? Celestial Navigation Course

New docks need rethink for Utah Lake . . .

Catalina 27, "Miakoda" held prisoner in her own slip
by new dock underwater steel supports.

Owner Mitch gets wet to figure out why Miakoda's keel can't get over the steel cross sections that are supposed to be 4' 5" below water level.
Miakoda drafts an even 4'.

On the south dock, the dock flotation pods are suspended high above water levels. They started coming out about 2 months ago.
Maybe the planners need to rethink dock applications for Utah Lake water fluctuations.

Transient docks, on the north side, (which do not have underwater steel structures),
still accommodate even large boats, like this Hunter 28'.

Can you help save Miakoda from winter's ice?

Quick action is needed by innovative thinkers / problem solvers!

Send us your reasonable ideas
Send us your equipment
Send us your help

There are still lots of boats in their slips.
Maybe consider how you are going to pull your boat out this season.


We haven't run any Celestial Navigation or Offshore Passage Making courses for the past year and half because our instructor for those classes, Douglas Hendricks, has been off sailing the world.  He's back now and we're exploring various options for how to accommodate the requests for these classes that we've received while he was away.
For Celestial Navigation (CN), some people want to take a condensed course this fall where all the material is covered in  one weekend (on a Friday evening and a Saturday afternoon/evening that would include time at Utah Lake using sextants to measure sun and star altitudes).  Other people like the way things have been done previously, where the CN course is taught during the spring in two-hour blocks on Friday evenings for four consecutive weeks.  If you have a preference one way or the other, please let us know ASAP so that we can decide how we want to do the next set of CN classes.  
For Offshore Passage Making (OPM), we're planning to do the classroom portion of the class next spring.  The sailing portion of the OPM class would be done on a two-week passage from Puerto Rico to Florida next summer.  We recognize that people need to start making arrangements now in order to get two weeks off from work next summer, so please let us know ASAP if you're interested in participating in the OPM class and sailing trip.  Also please let us know if you prefer to do the classroom portion all in one weekend or if you like it better in two hour blocks on Friday evenings for three consecutive weeks.
If you are interested in the CN course, please let us know your preferences.

Renaissance Faire

August 28 - 29, 2015

Our boatbuilder, DeWitt Smith, will have a Viking Boatbuilding display  at the Renaissance Faire at Thanksgiving Point this Friday & Saturday.  Drop by and check out this very interesting and educational display.

If you would like to hear from our city and county planners
about what is happening with appropriated and earmarked funding for
dredging the Utah Lake marina

join us as at the Utah Lake Governing Board meeting
tomorrow, August 27 at 7:30 - 9:00 AM, 3rd floor
51 South University Ave., Provo

Bonneville School of Sailing

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Bonneville School of Sailing!

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