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Can you drink seawater? 2015 Transpac

2015 Transpac Starts Today

We had a discussion out on the lake Saturday about drinking sea water. I had always been told that this will kill you, but couldn't remember the exact physiology of WHY.
Here are some interesting explanations.

A few ways to overcome the drinking seawater challenge if disabled at sea.

A desalinator you can fold up from Landfall Navigation. $35

Another desalinator from West Marine: $2,299.99

Water water everywhere . . .

 Yves Parlier sails on, in the epic Vendee Globe race after a dismasting.
Living off the sea can be done, but you've got to know your stuff.


Transpac start countdown clock

Sail aboard Soldini Maserati in the 2013 Transpac
(interesting footage of the last Transpac)

Follow the race to Diamond Head on Yellowbrick tracking.

$59 drone

Correct all your clocks for a "Leap Second"

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