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Father's Day Specials

Father's Day Specials & Summer Sailstice

He's got the T-Shirt . . .

Now give him the real deal!
Father's Day Specials
Great idea for a great Dad!

Bonneville's You Tube Channel features new 2015 Utah Lake Festival Regatta video. If you were in the Regatta you should see your boat.  More photos on our Facebook page as well.

Kudos to John Storey for putting this together.

Celebrate sailing on Utah Lake
Join our Summer Sailstice to Pelican Bay Marina
Skippers meeting at 6 PM, Provo Marina
will be leaving directly for a leisurely sail across the lake.

Unless we're really moving (over 4 knots)
and have a harbor to harbor, direct route,
we''ll likely be arriving after dark.

Make sure you are prepared for night navigation.
Have a look at Apps or nav programs that will work on your phone or tablet.

Pelican Bay Marina coordinates are:
N 40˚  17'  25.59"     W 111˚  52'  07.49"

Think about hoisting some lights as we enter the Pelican Bay Marina

Bring stuff to throw on the Habatchi and some pot luck side dishes to share on the dock.


"Unsinkable 2" might be ordering pizza from Tenney's
we can do a group order and have it delivered at the docks.

Elsie Piddock first into Thomas Basin boat harbor, Ketchikan.

“It was never about the money” was the quote that echoed across the sailing world and while it sounded like the rote kind of humble brag winners make when they know what is expected of those cast in the role of hero, what was different was these guys meant it. Meant it so deeply because it was true. For them, for the crowds on the dock who wanted to share in their accomplishment, for the families that embraced them not knowing the exact border between the pride and relief that flowed in their tears as a single emotion, it was never about the money.

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