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Quagga Mussels, Lake Level Has Come Up, Regatta

If you are sailing in the Utah Lake Festival Regatta . . .

Make Sure You Are Not Introducing . . .

Q.M.fouling a prop. You could also have some hiding in thru-hulls, or engine water passages.

Please have your boat inspected by a Park Ranger before launching
if your boat is not native to Utah Lake.
Allow extra time in your regatta schedule for this important inspection.

Quagga Mussel cleaning station at the Provo Marina.

Out-of-Town Sailors
sailing in the regatta . . .

We encourage you to take advantage of our mast crane
This is a free service provided by Utah Lake State Park

Please help us have a smooth running regatta by
completing Early Registration On-Line.
This helps us order BBQ food, Swag Awards, and plan our race course set-up
and . . . you get a discounted rate.

If you had last years BBQ dinner, you know how good it was. Secure your reservation now so we can order enough ribs and chicken.

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The Provo Marina has had a "quick fix"  to help our big boats get out on the lake

Nearly full Provo Marina for 2015 sailing season.

Sure our water is down (from compromise level)
but it has actually gone up since March
  and we're still able to get Catalina 27's (4' draft) out on the lake.

Use the north side, center ramp. This has the deepest water if you draft 4 feet. You can use the north side, east ramp for shallower draft boats.

Full blown dredging slated for fall.

Who knew?

Lots To Learn About Utah Lake

TransPac 2015 leaves Long Beach for Hawaii
July 13th

The famous Transpac Row, Ala Wai Marina, Honolulu

Bonneville School of Sailing

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