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Blood Moon, May Catalina Cruise, New Director Announced

 Only 2 spots left for Catalina  . . .

If you missed the April 4 Total Lunar Eclipse
check this out.

Space still available for May Catalina Trip

This is a great opportunity to prepare for that charter you've been dreaming about!

Little known Catalina factoids:

Santa Catalina Island has been inhabited for at least 8000 years,
the earliest known inhabitants being Pimungans.

The total population as of the 2010 census was 4,096 people

 About 400 species of native plants grow on the island

The island is home to five native land mammals

 The 1920 silent film Terror Island, starring Harry Houdini, filmed on Catalina Island.

Treasure Island, 1934 film staring Jackie Cooper and Wallace Berry, filmed on Catalina

New Utah Lake Commission Director appointed at April 2 Meeting

Eric Ellis from DWR, gets approval vote from board members.
Welcome Eric. Thank you Reed for a job well done.

Lost at Sea
After being dismasted 66 days adrift in the Gulf Stream

...and then being rescued,
what's the first thing you would do?
 BBQ ribs?  Ice cream?  American Cheeseburger?  Sushi?  Book contract?


If you have a boat, trailer, or other "stuff" in the Provo Marina parking lot

Contact Julie at the Park Visitor's Center
801-375-0731 or leave a message.

John Paul Jones

"Father of the United States Navy"
Born in Scotland
Charged as a "pirate" for his bold raids against the Dutch and British homelands
Louis XVI, King of France, honored him with the title "Chevalier"
In 1778 accepted into the French Masonic Lodge with Benjamin Franklin
Served in the Imperial Russian Navy
Buried twice
On January 26, 1913, the remains of Captain John Paul Jones were finally re-interred in a magnificent bronze and marble sarcophagus at the U.S. Naval Academy

"I have not yet begun to fight"

David Crosby aboard his beloved Mayan


April Latitude 38
"Right now Mayan is a mess, but we're hoping to have her ready to go by the end of March, at which time we'll sail her north to Santa Cruz. Having failed at retirement for the third time, I'm working full time again, which may mean I'll have to get some friends to bring Mayan north".
Beau Vrolyk, current owner
Mayan, 59-ft. Alden schooner
Santa Cruz
(Bluegrass tribute to CSNY)

 Bonneville School of Sailing


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Bonneville School of Sailing!

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       Provo, Utah 84601
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