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Join us for Seminar V with Music from "Cellar Door"


Word Press Expert Needed ASAP

will bring some old favorites and some original compositions
to this seminar concert presentation
February 26, 7 - 8:30 PM
Utah Lake State Park, Provo Marina

Acoustic music at it's finest.
Steve, Jeannie and Larry Vincent

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West Marine
Conch Charter
Distant Shores Sailing DVD's
Energy Solutions
The Sweet Tooth Fairy
Rudder Craft
Dewitt Smith
Emery George
Get Wet Sailing

Emery Takes us Back in Time

Sea stories of the schooner Adventuress help last weeks seminar audience appreciate a vessel that has been sailing the oceans for over 100 years. Thanks for a great presentation Emery.

What is Vectran?

Who Knew?

Sails for Volvo Ocean Race Boats made in Minden Nevada,
only a 6.3 hour drive from Utah Lake
or 2.2 hours in a V-12 Scagletti.

Thank you to all who have written legislators
A couple reply letters from our legislators -

As resident of Utah County and one who enjoys Utah Lake, I share in your concern. I have spoken with several people who are working on this issue and this is the information that I have been provided. 


1. We will be asking for  $1.5 Million from Forestry, Fire, and State Lands.  Brian Cottam
(Director) recommends spending this funding to dredge Utah Lake Marina.

2.  $570,000 to dredge all of the East Harbor 2-3 feet deep, 37,920 cubic yards.

3.  $830,000 to dredge the North Harbor Conveyance Channel inlet, and
out into Marina mouth entrance 2-3 feet,  51,110 cubic yards.

4.  $100,000 wetland mitigation and soft costs.
Total would be $1.5 Million to dredge Utah Lake Marina.

If Utah Lake Marina is not dredged 2-3 feet deeper, the Marina will not be usable while Utah Lake could still be used by boats.
By dredging Utah Lake Marina 2-3 feet deeper, the use of the Marina and Utah Lake would be the same.  If you could use the Marina you could use the lake.  If the Marina was dry Utah Lake would also be so low you could not boat on the lake.​ I hope this information is useful to you. I would like to see the lake being taken care of properly for continued use. Thank you for your support.
Brad Daw
District 60

I am writing by request of Senator Dayton in response to your email about the Provo Marina. Thank you for expressing your observations about the inlet to the marina at Utah Lake State Park in Provo. Water levels are low and the depth has limited the size of vessels that can pass in and out of the harbor. Funding to dredge and increase the depth has been requested through the State Legislature by office,the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands. The legislative session is underway and the approval for funding has not been completed yet although we are optimistic. There are numerous marinas throughout the state in the same situation, and although the funding request will likely only be enough for one marina to be dredged, Utah Lake State Park Marina is very high on the list of priorities due largely to its popularity and heavy use. If the funding is approved, the dredging could begin as early as this spring.
Thanks again for expressing your concerns and sharing your appreciation of Utah Lake with Senator Dayton on this matter, her dedication to the Lake and the lands associated with it have aided our agency greatly in managing in the best interest of the public trust. If you have any questions I can answer, please let me know.
Jason Curry
Public Information Officer
Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands

Ships Bells
 used for telling time, dog watches, starting breakfast fires and baptizing infants.

If you're down around Orange County
you might want to check out
You just might find a deal (steal).

  J-Class film


Will trade sailing time for help with a new Word Press web page
Time crunch deadline (today) a factor
Thank you for your help

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