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CIO of Americas Cup to Speak at This Week's Seminar

Winter Sailing Seminar III

Mark Sunday, Oracles CIO, will be presenting this seminar
Thursday, February 12, 7:00 PM, Utah Lake State Park

There will be a 6:30 PM pre-seminar video
of the historic 2013 Americas Cup tie breaker race

Oracle Team USA vs. Emerites Team New Zealand

If AWESOMER was a real word . . . that would be the word to describe this weeks seminar.
Mark Sunday, Oracle Team USA, CIO, will be presenting an inside view of "how it all went down".  Dubbed as "one of the greatest comebacks in sports history" Mark will acquaint us
with the boat, the team, and the Cup.

Get here early! We anticipate a large turnout, and seating is limited.

Oracle in Utah ?
Ya sure, you betcha.

Swag table for Winter Sailing Seminar II

Kudos go out to the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club,(Bryant Pratt) the Park City Sailing Association, ( Geoff Hurwitch and Buster Pike), and Get Wet Sailing (Terry Judd) for showing our seminar audience, that
the sport of sailing is alive(ing) and thriving in Utah. Except we could always use a bit more water.

Thank you door prize donors:
West Marine
Sailing Distant Shores
Great Salt Lake Yacht Club
Get Wet Sailing
DeWitt Smith
Lattitude 38
Rudder Craft
and Ruth, for the most excellent chocolate covered rice crispy treats.

Delorme Weather Reports

Bonneville's intrepid OPM Instructor, Doug Hendriks, sailing around the Spanish Main, has an inop radio, unable to receive critical weather info. We are now communicating via Delorme, so Doug can get sailing weather through our Utah based computer and Delorme interface communication. So far, so good. Our preferred sailing weather source has been BuoyWeather and PassageWeather. Doug and crew are anchored off Rum Cay, waiting for favorable winds for the run to Puerto Rico. Safe passage wishes to Doug and Trevor.

Our sailing season has been defined as "ice on, to ice off". Looks to me like

Lake level is up to -3.58. That's 1 foot higher than our end of season depth of -4.65.
If we could scrape by then at -4.65, -3.58 now should be a piece of cake (in a swing keel).

Call Louise to reserve your spot.

Raising Cat Ppalu

virtual tour of the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club Marina

Blimy! Climbing the mast has never been easier.
Well, maybe this one way.

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