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Caribbean Adventures Going National, Christmas Specials, Utah Lake Survey


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Watch this video for a quick look at what some alumni from Bonneville School of Sailing are enjoying on a 'round the world sailing trip. These clips cover the section starting in Indonesia and going westward across the Indian Ocean towards Africa.

Sting Sets the Mood for the Holidays

From The Utah Lake Commission

Hi Todd,

Would you mind sending this to your sailing friends and ask them to respond to this survey?  We’re trying to get an idea of what improvements are desired at the lake to make hunting, fishing, and other forms of recreation more enjoyable.  We’ll use these results to help us prioritize needs and start working with state and local officials to make it happen!


Subject:  Utah Lake Access—Let your voice be heard!

Message:  The Utah Lake Commission is leading an effort to identify improvements that would enhance the over-thirty public access points around the lake.  Some are used much more than others, but they hope to eventually make them all better to make all sporting and recreational opportunities easier and more enjoyable.  Please take a moment to take their survey (click here) that will give decision makers an idea of where they should focus their improvement efforts over the next several years.  You can make a difference!  Thanks in advance for your time.

More news from the Utah Lake Commission

Just a quick follow-up on our previous meeting on the need for a grassroots effort to encourage dredging of the lake’s harbors in order to allow better access this summer and in the future when the lake level is low.  I know you were talking about getting a key group of knowledgeable people together to discuss a strategy of approaching the legislature.  I’m happy to participate and host such a meeting, but would prefer it to be grassroots driven at this time.

It is my understanding that there was a request for $500,000 for dredging of the harbors from FFSL and that it is likely to stay in the Governor’s budget (which should be released soon).  That’s one bonus, but as you probably know, the legislature can change things as they want.  They need to know that this is a priority of the boating community.  I will be pushing them, but need the every-day citizen doing the same, when the timing is right, which I believe will be in mid-January, right before the legislative session.  In the meantime, I hope you are getting the message to your fellow recreationists about talking with their legislators when the time is right.

I’m anxious to help.  Keep me posted and let me know what I can do.

Reed Price
Executive Director
Utah Lake Commission

Happy Thanksgiving from Amara
600 miles south of the Equator

Vestas Wind Runs Aground in Volvo Ocean Race

More Vestas Footage

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