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Breaking News, You Can Make a Difference

Provo Marina Getting New Parking Lot

Work began today, Monday, August 25, for the new parking lot at Utah Lake State Park.

Why should this be a big deal to our sailing community?? This must be completed before we can install the MAST CRANE many of you have helped to make a reality. Park Manager Jason Allan has assigned a dedicated area in the new parking lot for our mast stepping and lowering, and a location for the mast crane that can do it. In terms of "gettin' it done" this could be considered warp speed in government project completion times. The black top has a completion date of October 10, (2014 :)). We're hoping sooner if progress keeps going at this rate.

Park Rangers have told us sail boats can be left in unsecured storage (parking lot?), at no charge, until we have access to the mast crane.

You can make a difference at the Provo Marina.

If you have been stuck, hit a rock(s), or are dragging your keel through the mud at the Provo Marina, a letter from you, to your legislator, may help get funding for dredging operations at the marina.

While attending a Monday morning meeting of the Utah Lake Commissions "Technical Committee" DNR officials tell us now is the time (just before state project funding is approved), to make state officials aware of the needs of its citizenry. Your letter could make the difference, if you think deepening (dredging) the harbor boat channel out to the lake would help keep us out on the lake longer, not to mention preventing damage to our keels, hulls and rudders. Ouch!

Please voice your concerns to these legislators:


Becky Lockhart, Dist. 64
Provo, UT 84606
Home : 801-377-7428
Cell : 801-369-6784
Email :

Mike K. McKell, Dist. 66
Spanish Fork, UT 84660
Home : 801-210-1495
Email :

Dean Sanpei, District 63
Provo, Ut 84604-5717
Phone : 801-979-5711
Email :


Ralph Okerlund, District 24
Monroe, UT 84754
Work : 435-527-3370
Home : 435-527-3370
Cell : 435-979-7077
Fax : 435-527-3370
Email :

David Hinkins, District 27
Orangeville, UT 84537
Work : 435-748-2828
Home : 435-384-5550

John L. Valentine, District 14
Orem, UT 84097
Home : 801-224-1693
Work : 801-373-6345
Fax : 801-377-4991
Email :

Margaret Dayton, District 15
Orem, UT 84058
Home : 801-221-0623
Fax : 801-221-2513

Curtis Bramble, District 16
Provo, UT 84604
Phone : 801-226-3663 or 801-373-1040
Cell : 801-361-5802
Fax : 801-812-8297
Email :

Or even if you have enjoyed being out on Utah Lake, let your legislator know how being out sailing on Utah Lake has impacted your perception and appreciation of this great natural resource. DNR officials tell us that letters from constituents (you and I) are the driving force when decisions are made by our elected officials.
In this case, your voice really makes a difference.

Let's strike while the iron is hot.

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